It’s BACK!!!


DIRTY JOBS is back! This is the third season of the gross-out yet intriguing show on the Discovery Channel. Mike Rowe makes me laugh out loud every episode. He’s very charming, entertaining and so complimentary of the people who have to do these nasty jobs every day. So far this year he’s been a billboard installer and worked at a reptile ranch in TX. My favorite episode ever was a snake researcher in the Great Lakes. He gets bit several times and he’s trying to be macho but it really hurts. He’s working with a woman so he’s trying to be manly but at one point the snake sinks his teeth in and just hangs on and Mike literally drops to his knees. Then, he gets to make a snake puke to see what they were eating and he gets to stick a probe up it’s butt so see if it’s a boy or a girl.

If you’re ever sitting in your office thinking about what a crappy day you’re having, just remember, it really could be crappier (and I mean that literally).


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  1. I had a sexy dream about Mike Rowe last night! His shows are so interesting, and he’s such a funny guy. I wish I had a dirty job so I could get to meet him.

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