Another Pet Peeve…


I really, REALLY can’t stand people who lick their fingers. I mean both while eating and when shuffling through papers.

I was at a store today and purchased some frames (anyone near a Hobby Lobby they’re 50% off right now). The girl was wrapping them up for me in paper and felt it necessary to lick her fingers as she shifted through every freakin’ paper. Then, in order to open each of the bags, she felt she needed to lick her fingers again. It was all I could do to take the bag from her when she was done. People, PLEASE don’t do this, I beg of all our readers. I especially hate it when someone licks their fingers to find a piece of paper and then hands me the paper. I feel it’s pretty much the equivalent of spitting on the paper and then giving it to me. ICK!

My little sister feels the need to lick her fingers when she’s eating After she’s finished dishing her plate for example. I know she’s not the only person who does this but I’m around her a lot and she knows how badly it annoys me so I think she does it on purpose. Then she giggles like it’s totally funny to piss me off while I’m trying to eat. See, I have this thing about not wanting to listen to people eat. Don’t chew with your mouth open and please Lord don’t talk with a giant bite of food in your mouth so we can all share it with you. Now, people who know me really well will point out that one of my favorite things to do is to open my mouth and show people my food half chewed up (charming, I know), but this is WAY different. This is hilarious (to me at least) and I’m doing it intentionally. It’s totally not the same as making the entire rest of the table listen to you begin digestion. That is disgusting.


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  1. Michelle says…
    She seems to think that the things that she does are TOTALLY ADORABLE but when someone else does it well… “That’s gross” will be heard from her direction every time. She burps like a middle aged beer drinkin’ truck driver, she has random hiccups every day. PS (We think that she is on the sauce)
    And right now, she is singing in her office so loudly (and off key)that we had to shut the door.

  2. I really have no idea what they are talking about. For those that don’t know, Michelle (who is also my sister) and Tim are my assistants at the office. Lucky!

  3. Michelle says :

    Lucky? Have you ever heard Jenny sing? Have you ever heard of the consentration camps where they piped in communist music and propaganda over loud speakers 24 hours a day? I wish that I were there right now being brain washed…

  4. Michelle says:

    Know what I hate? People that use a name for 20 years and then insist that they be called something different all of a sudden… Call me Michaela from now on
    Heil Hitler Jenny, Heil Hitler!

  5. Michelle says:
    Please learn something more than just the chorus to “Sweet Home Alabama” I beg of you! NO, WE BOTH BEG OF YOU!

    Gotta get outta here, gotta escape the torture. Will try to tunnel out thru the outhouse starting tomorrow, hopefully will be gone by spring!

  6. I love the pet peeves. I like knowing that someone can get very annoyed by something that doesn’t bother me at all. I think that it helps us to know the person better.

  7. Anonymous(es) – it would be way more funner if you would post under a name. If you don’t want to register, you can just write your name at the end or the beginning. Really, I just want to know if you’re someone I know so I can give you crap 🙂

  8. I never thought of it much before, but that IS gross, esp. if it’s not yours and someone else will come along soon to pick it up.

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