Yes – A New Post!


So sorry, gang, about no new posts for over a week. Seems like Val and I get on a roll sometimes where there’s a new post every day and then we hit dry spots where there’s hardly any new posts at all.

Here’s what’s been going on with me:

*My daughter and I worked for about a week on redecorating her room. What used to be mustard colored walls and an Asian themed room has totally been transformed. The walls are now painted chocolate brown on the bottom half, a 3″ wide horizontal white stripe all the way around and the top half Tiffany blue. It’s a little bright but really looks lovely. She got a new solid white comforter and brown sheets (with a 2nd set of turquois sheets since we couldn’t decide which looked better). About 15 picture frames hang in a square over her bed (all of which we had to spray paint white). She rearranged her furniture and hung a few other white decorations. All that’s left is for me to make some white curtains and it’s completely finished. As soon as we get that done I’ll post some pictures.

*I finished Jude Deveraux’s Someone To Love yesterday. For those of you that have read her in the past and didn’t like the paranormal direction her most recent books have taken, I think you’ll enjoy this one. There is a ghost but it’s not what the story centers around. The main character is grieving the loss of his fiance’ from 3 years earlier. I thought this was poignant as the author lost her 8 year old son in a motorcycle accident about a year ago.

*I have purchased and have in my possession the last Harry Potter novel. I haven’t had a chance to start reading it as I’ve been so busy with Bridgette’s bedroom and finishing my other stuff. Hopefully, I plan to start reading (and will perhaps finish it) this weekend. I am thrilled that I’ve managed to avoid almost all spoilers. I was at my sister’s house over the weekend and her big-mouthed boyfriend, after I have said, “Don’t say a word, not a word! I dont’ want to know anything!” immediately says “I’m just going to say the last chapter is entitled 19 Years Later”. What the crap?!?!? I JUST got finished saying “don’t say a word” so why in the hell would you say that! I was not happy.

*Shark Week is back for like the 20th year on the Discovery Channel this week. I don’t have time to sit and watch all the shark shows I’d like to this week (I LOVE that stuff) so I’ve set the DVR to record several of them. I think I’ve already got like 5 or 6 on there. Whoo-hoo! I know, probably WAY dorky for liking them so much but I can’t help it. Have I ever mentioned that I wanted to be an ichthiologist when I was in high school? That’s a biologist who studies sharks and rays.

* I have done some scrapbooking lately. Robin and her friend Christy (whom I now consider my friend too because she is SO funny!) came over a week ago for a crop at my house. I was very pleased with what I got accomplished. I will post some pics as soon as I take some of the new layouts.

*I was asked to photograph my 3rd wedding this past weekend. I told Kelli (my photography buddy) [who was also asked to shoot a family reunion this weekend – we must be getting pretty good, huh?] that I’m going to start charging from now on. I spent about $15.00 on the film and I’ll spend $30 on having all the film put on CD’s and I’m going to give them all the CDs and they can decide what prints they want, what enlargements, etc. She’s been a family friend with my Hubby since he was a little kid so we told her we’d do the photography and developing as her wedding gift. What do you guys think would be fair? I’m thinking about $50 – $100 for my time plus the cost of film and putting them on CDs. For the wedding Saturday, I got there about 1:15 and we didn’t leave until about 7:00. Since I’m still a novice I can’t justify charging what a full-fledged professional photographer would charge but that’s a lot of time and energy. Later today I’ll pick up the 15 CDs and then I’ll spend hours photoshopping them (whitening their teeth, getting the chocolate smear off the front of the wedding dress, etc.).

So, not much else going on with me. Val – you should post all the wonderful scrapbook layouts you’ll be making with all that great stuff you’ve ordered!

Crap – I’ve gotten so busy blogging all this that I’ve just realized I’m supposed to be at work in 3 minutes! Guess I better go get dressed!


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  1. I’d charge more than that for a wedding. My wedding photographer charged over $1,500 for about 5 hours, and then I had to buy the overpriced prints on top of that. I’d at least charge $50 an hour, and then have them pay the cost of film, developing, etc. I charged $300 for that one wedding you helped me with.

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