They Are So Full of Themselves!


I read the by-line for a story on the yahoo home page today that said “Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez praises Sean Penn for Iraq war stance“. Now, I’m not going to get into a debate about the war so please, nobody jump on that soapbox, okay? Here’s my issue – what gives actors and other entertainers the right to decide that they are a political, war, international relations, medical, or any other sort of expert other than acting or singing?

I can’t forget a couple years ago when Susan Sarandon was at the Oscars and decided that was the appropriate time and place to blast the President of the United States. How totally inapropriate!!! People neither attend nor watch the Oscars to hear your political views! Don’t get me wrong, we live in a country where lots of people have fought and died to protect our ability to speak our mind and share our views and opinions. I don’t mind if people’s opinions differ from mine. I just think there is an appropriate time and place for that stuff and the Oscars isn’t it.

I can’t forget how Alec Baldwin said if Bush won a second term in office he would move to another country. I’m still waiting for him to go. Jane Fonda was famous back during the Vietnam War for her stance vehemently against the war. And, of course, who can even count the number of times Tom Cruise has run his mouth about a whole host of things? For those of you that don’t know – Tom Cruise is a high school drop out. I’m not sure at what grade he left school or why but I can be pretty darn sure that this means he doesn’t have any special training or schooling or other type of recognized higher education regarding politics, medication, or psychotherapy so he should learn to keep his big mouth shut about things in which he knows nothing. How could he really have the audacity to say how a woman should treat her post-partum issues? What gives him the knowledge to determine that?

So, am I surprised Chavez praises Sean Penn? Nope? My guess is he agrees with Chavez. That doesn’t make either of them right. Oh, and I didn’t read the article nor do I know the stance either of them have taken but it doesn’t really matter as I’m not really talking about whether I agree or disagree with the war. My issue is with the ego-centric “entertainers” that have decided that just because they are in the public eye they’re experts on everything. Must be nice!


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  1. Michelle says…
    Remember when Kanye West was on television with Mike Myers doing a fundraiser for Katrina relief? He took the “live” opportunity to proclaim “President Bush hates black people” Mike Myers looked horrified and stunned. Place and time I say.

  2. I completely agree with you. There’s a book out there that someone wrote on this very topic called, “Shut up and sing,” and all I could think when I saw what it was about was “At least somebody said it.”

  3. I agree with the fact that the celebrities that have been “speaking up” about their so-called political beliefs is fairly inappropriate, but I’ll have to disagree with you when you say that they should just be quiet and stick to their day-job.

    Frankly, their day-job IS to speak up and inform people about what is going on in the world, whether that be through their music or their acting, their interviews with journalists or their five-second speech in the Oscars.

    Unfortunately, being 16 I know, not many teenagers out there are politically aware but they DO watch the Oscars.

    Hell, not many of them even know who’s running for the new presidency.

    Celebrities speaking up about their political views is a good thing, but I would rather them getting much more aware about the issues. They should read more or at least tell us more specific details than “Bush is a bad man!”

    WHY is he a “bad man”?

    Don’t take this as an attack. Half of your point, I fully agree with, but at the same time… You have to realize that celebrities have a huge influence on the young people. And if no one is telling them about what’s going to happen to them, then who will?

  4. SM Torres – I didn’t think you were attacking me but I do think you missed my point. I think all people should be informed, regardless of your political affiliation, but I don’t think Kanye West, for example, is the person from whom teenagers should get their political information. He’s not in politics – he’s a singer. If you want to get political information there are newspapers, televisions shows, websites, books and a whole host of other information from political experts. I guess what I’m saying is, would you take medical advice from Kanye West? No – although he’s in a public profession it doesn’t make him a medical expert. Would I take mechanical advice from him? No – it doesn’t matter that he drives a car – that doesn’t make him an expert on how they work. Just being in the public eye doesn’t make you an expert on anything other than your profession. That’s why I think they should shut up about politics and other things (like Tom Cruise’ diatribe against medication) unless it is a forum appropriate to that.

    However, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion and I to mine without any hard feelings so please feel free to continue to post and comment.

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