It’s the Little Things…


Tonight, I was sitting in my crop/hobby/computer room with my mom showing the mother of the bride the pictures I took from the most recent wedding I shot, and in walks my husband. He says he has a surprise for me. He opens a bag and pulls out a wireless mouse. I know, probably not the most romantic gift a husband has ever given his wife but here’s why it meant a lot to me: Probably over the last 6 months I’ve mentioned a couple of times how I’d like a wireless mouse to Hubby. I’ve not mentioned it in probably 2 months but – he remembered. He said he saw it and thought of me. This tells me that Hubby really does listen to what I have to say and he’s considerate. It really is the little things people do for you that make you really appreciate them. Would I have liked flowers? Of course, but flowers die and Hubby knew this was something that I’ve been wanting. I thought it was very sweet and I LOVE it!!!

I’ve decided to pursue a new venture – photography. Now, this really isn’t new to me as I’ve done amatuer photography for several years but I photographed my third wedding this past weekend and decided it was time for me to start getting paid. I’m proud to say that I’ve gotten some fantastic shots and am proud of my work. Other people seem to like it too which is always nice. So – if anyone local knows anyone who needs a photographer for a very reasonable price – please feel free to recommend me. Thanks!


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