Road Trip


I love to drive. I know some people may think this is weird but I really do. My favorite is if I can roll the windows down and crank the music up really loud (so I can sing at the top of my lungs and nobody has to be forced to hear me), set the cruise and just go. I had to go to Indianapolis, IN for business and got back last night. It was a company sponsored employee appreciation thing so my daughter got to go with me as well. My daughter likes R&B/Rap music. UGH! This ruins my favorite part of the trip. I listened to black music for 5 hours. As I was about to shove thoothpicks in my eyeballs we arrived at our destination so I was saved.

We also have a weird sort of ritual. I have to buy “car snacks”. Even if it’s a fairly short road trip like just 2 hours. Our favorite “car snacks” are:

Slim Jim – they are individually wrapped and give some extra protein
Chees Balls or Cheetos – I really don’t know why, perhaps for something crunchy?
Water – loads of bottled water
Gatorade – only occassionally though
BBQ Pork Rinds – I know, these are totally gross and my husband abhores them but I like them and, surprisingly, they’re low in fat and calories. I only ever get them for road trips though so I don’t eat them that often.

I love to travel when I can listen to my XM radio and still get my favorite stations. I had a rental car this time though so I didn’t have XM 😦 I do have an i-pod adapter so I could have listened to my favorite tunes if Bridgette hadn’t mentally abused me with the crap she made me listen to.

Often times we play a car game called “I’m Going on a Picnic”. This is where you say food items or some other random things in alphabetical order and recap all the other ones people have previously named. You take turns naming them and if you forget one you lose. We’ve played it for so many years we’ve had to make it harder and limit the items you can name like only makes and models of cars.

So – who here enjoys car trips? Any special rituals you have?


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  1. I love car trips too! Not so much with the kids in tow, but just me and Neal. I think we’ve discussed this before, but I buy slim jim’s too on car trips! I love them even though they are gross to look at. I try to refrain to only buying them when traveling. I also tend to buy the cracker and cheese “combo’s”. Sometimes they are hard to find because the pretzel ones are more popular. Every now and then I’ll through in a Hostess “Suzie Q”. Yummy!

  2. Corn nuts are usually our snack of choice on road trips, for some reason. And I always have to drink a little bottle of red grapefruit juice. We like to keep track of out of state license plates and play a game where we each have to go down the alphabet, finding words on billboards that start with whatever letter you’re on. Whoever reaches “Z” first wins. We like to listen to audiobooks, too.

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