What the crap?!?!


I read this story on the Yahoo home page this morning…

This story makes me so mad! This woman has snuck into the USA not once, not twice, but three friggin’ times and she holds a press conference to condemn the US government for deporting her? What the crap? She is here illegally which means to me, she has NO RIGHTS, she isn’t a US citizen, she pays no taxes but she’s decided she’s just entitled to live here because she wants to? Uh, no lady, that’s not how it works. If you want to come to this country, by all means, come on but do it legal! Do not hold a press conference and condemn MY country and MY government for being mean to you and splitting your family up when you weren’t even supposed to have your family here. The government isn’t forcing your family apart. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from taking your son with you to Mexico. Him staying here is a choice YOU are making. You sneaking into the country 3 freakin’ times is a choice YOU made and the consequences are noone’s fault but your own. The audacity of these people to turn their noses up at our laws, totally ignore the system with which they can legally come here, and then condem our government for kicking them back blows my mind. I’m tired of it. And don’t give me that crap that the businesses in this country needs them to do jobs that the American workers consider beneth them. There are still unemployed persons who want to work but don’t have the education or ability to do anything else but those jobs and the illegal immigrants are working them instead. And don’t even get me started about them not knowing English. Okay, I’m jumping down off my soapbox for today.


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  1. Amen, sister! Something has to be done, but I think building a wall is pointless and a major waste of money. I think tightening down on businesses who hire illegals would be very effective, because, if there are no more jobs available for them, they’ll have less reason to come here. The whole not knowing English thing burns me up, too.

  2. I am in such agreement with you. It is great we have freedoms and a democracy, but sometimes I think that gets in our way. There are many extremists out there that think EVERYONE should have rights to EVERYTHING and it’s just not possible. We have rules and laws for a reason – we need order. I’m tired of people saying they have a right to this or that, but when it boils down to laying it all on the line for our country they can’t do that.

    I’m right there with Kelli on the wall and businesses too.

    The language thing is there for me, but as long as they don’t expect me to know what they’re say, nor get mad at me – it’s not a problem for me.

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