Kentucky Fried Chicken mashed potatoes and gravy!


Pretty random title for a blog entry, huh? Tonight, hubby and I went to KFC for dinner. I like KFC’s chicken but it’s not the reason I like to eat there. I simply adore their mashed potatoes and gravy. I don’t know what they put in them but I simply can’t get enough of them!

So, for dinner tonight, I ate 1 entire pint of mashed potatoes and gravy and about 4 popcorn chicken bites and a glass of fruit punch. It was WONDERFUL!!!

Mashed potatoes and gravy are my “comfort food”. They are, by far, my absolute favorite food ever. I probably have some form of potato at almost every meal but mashed taters and gravy are my ultimate favorite. I could eat them as an entire meal by themselves (as demonstrated above). The very best way to have them is with corn piled on top – YUM YUM YUMMY!!!

Hubby just snickered and shook his head. He’s used to me utter weirdness by now.

So – what’s YOUR favorite food?


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  1. Fried okra…sooo freaking good, and I’ve learned how to cook it to perfection, if I do say so myself.

    I wish more people commented on your blog!!!

  2. I like the mashed potatos and gravy at KFC too. I’m really not a big gravy person either, so for me that’s weird. There’s also a Chicken place in Texas (where my husband’s from) and it’s called Chicken Express. They have the best chicken and I LOVE their gravy & mashed potatos – it’s even the white gravy – which I’m really not as fond of but I LOVE theirs!

    PS Tatr, I ate hot dish 2 nights ago. After talking to you I started craving it. haha

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