Stupid People


I’ve not been a very good blogger lately, huh? Valeen – you’ve sucked WAY worse than me so you can’t say anything though 🙂

So, I’m sitting at work today and the phone rings so I answer it (you may be thinking to yourself WHY would I be answering the phone when I have TWO assistants who are supposed to do that for me – I was thinking the same thing) and some random guy says, “Someone called me from this number.” I asked him if they left a message -no. I asked him what this was in reference to and he said he didn’t know, he had just seen the number on the caller ID.

Are there REALLY people who have nothing more productive to do than to check caller ID after every time they’ve been out of the house and call back any phone number they don’t recognize? REALLY? If I wanted to talk to you and you didn’t pick up the phone – I’d have left a message, moron! It was apparently a number misdialed by mistake.

Why do people do this? I’ve had several people call me saying I called them. Well, am I the only person on the planet who has ever misdialed a telephone? Why is it necesarry to call back every random number and why would you care anyway? Perhaps it’s just me but I barely like to talk on the phone to people I actually like and know but I sure as crap don’t want to talk to some random person who accidentally called me. Geez!

Good news though – I’m starting a second job. My daughter has been insistent on telling us she expects us to pay for college so I decided I better do something quick as she should start next fall. Most of you know my passion for photography and I’ve done several jobs so I’ve decided to go pro. I’ve taken out some advertisements in the local paper, made a website and I’m really doing some marketing to get my name out there. I’m TOTALLY excited! I should be able to make pretty good money, especially for a part time job, so that will definitely come in handy. I had to buy some professional equipment and it will probably take me weeks to figure it all out but I still can’t wait. I’ve already had a couple calls form prospective clients so I should book my first job soon. Those here in TN – be sure to keep me in mind if you need anything. Check out my website at

Well, better run. Will really try to blog better!


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