Life is SO Busy Right Now!


I know this has turned into sort of a weekly blog and for that I apologize. I will honestly try to do better. Kelli sent me an e-mail complaining 🙂

Why have I been remiss in my posting? Well, here’s why:

* We’ve been doing college visits for my daughter to go off to school next fall. We’ve narrowed it down to two schools and she seems pretty excited. I think the prospect of living on her own is exciting but the prospect of having a roomate (or possibly 3) is agonizing for her. She’s been an only child for 18 years and never had to share a room, or anything else really, so it’s going to be an adjustment but I’m sure she’ll be fine. She may even like having someone to share clothes and shoes with. Never having been to college, I had no idea how much was involved in deciding on a college but the information about housing, tuition, parking, meal plans, scholarships, etc. is overwhelming!

* We’re having a yard sale this weekend. I’m not really a yard sale type of person. I figure if other people don’t want their junk, why would I want it? However, it’s a community yard sale and other people have done the advertising and I just have to put my junk in the yard. Before hand though, I have to go through all the junk in my house to determine what junk I can part with and then make sure it’s clean and neat and then price it all. We’re preparing for people to be wandering around our yard at 7:00 am on Friday. Why do people get up that early to go look at junk? Are they worried that all the good junk will be gone? I hope people really like my junk though. I want to sell all of it. I’m one of those people who hates nick-nacks. I would have bare walls and nothing on any of the surfaces. I figure it’s easy to clean that way. Not that I clean all that often but when the mood strikes me it would be easier.

* I have 5 books to review before 11:00 next Tuesday. Yep – that’s 5 books in 6 days. Wish me a lot of luck with that one! No way I will get this done but I’m going to give it my best. We’ll see how far I get. Perhaps this is my excuse not to do anything on Saturday. I can sit and read all day and evening!

* I’m really trying to get my photography business off the ground. I booked a job last week that’s to shoot a wedding next spring. I had a call yesterday afternoon about another wedding and I’m waiting on her to call me back. That was a referral but she didn’t mention who referred her. If it was you – THANKS! I hope to keep the business coming in. I took an ad out in the local paper and it’s run once. It’s going to run again tomorrow and twice more over the next month so I’m really hoping to get some business from it. Say a prayer for me! My daughter is expecting us to pay for college so every extra penny will help.

* Also tonight I have to make two picture boards and a guest book for Hubby’s Aunt’s 90th birthday party this Saturday (crap – just realized that means I can’t sit and read all day). That in addition to going through all the yard sale stuff.

* It’s finally September and all the tv shows are coming back. Big Brother was great this year. I couldn’t stand some of the houseguests but it sure made for some interesting tv. My favorite is Survivor and that premieres on Thursday. I can’t wait! That’s why I have to get all my projects done tonight so I can watch it on Thursday. Prison Break came back on this week, Dirty Jobs was new this week, CSI should be starting soon as well as The Office and Grey’s Anatomy and the new spin-off Private Practice! I love me too much tv.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you guys?


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  1. I’m such a bad friend!! I haven’t talked to you in forever and I was supposed to call you back the past two days. Is it any better if I tell you I worked late the past two nights?

    Anyway, with my TiVo I can only record one show at a time and this year I was wanting to get into Grey’s Anatomy but it’s on the same time as The Office, which is very annoying to me.

    Good luck with your yard sale!! 🙂

  2. Be sure that when you advertise your yard sale you specify “no early birds” ~ otherwise people will be knocking on your door at the crack of dawn hoping to get first dibs on your stuff (I’ve learned from my own painful experience).

  3. Hope the yard sale went well. Did you get your book reviews done? I was going to ask if you wanted to catch up on some Jude Deveraux with me, but I see that might not be possible now. I’m reading “Rememberance”. I just started, but I’m already fascinated with the story line.

    All my time is sucked up in my son’s football games and practice, us creating a real budget to follow and birthdays that are coming up!

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