Value of "The Certificate"?


This week on Oprah and in this week’s issue of People magazine, Jenny McCarthy has been interviewed talking about her son who has autism. I’ve never really given her much thought, really, but have been impressed with her apparent Christianity, surprising in a former MTV hostess and Playboy model. She’s been very insightful, humble and poignant in her telling of their journey dealing with this condition. I’ve been very impressed with her.

When I heard she was dating Jim Carrey last year I thought – what a great couple. They just seem like they would be great together, both act pretty humble, both have been divorced so can understand what the other has been through, both are very funny and seem compassionate. It just really seemed like they fit extremely well.

During her interviews, however, when asked about marriage she responded, “There will be no certificate. It goes far deeper than that.” This is what I don’t get – if it’s “far deeper” than a certificate would indicate, why not get one? It’s like saying they won’t call themselves boyfriend or girlfriend because their relationship is deeper than that. I would interpret that to mean you have moved beyond that stage. If it’s deeper than marriage, what does that preclude getting married? I don’t understand.


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  1. I don’t fully understand her take on not getting a certificate, but let me just say how motivating she is when talking about her experiences with autism. You can tell she is SO eager to get the word out and help others with what she’s learned. And Jim Carrey seems to be a perfect fit for her and her son, from what she’s said.

    Maybe escalating divorce rates have cheapened the institution of marriage, to her. Really, is it that sacred anymore, when so many people cheat, and the divorce rate (supposedly) is higher than the stick rate? Maybe they feel their relationship IS deeper than what people consider marriage to be these days.

  2. I agree with Kelli’s comments above, esp. in the 2nd paragraph. I think the fact that they’re in Hollywood had put them in a culture that doesn’t value marriage, therefore, the “thing to do” now-adays is to say that they are beyond marriage. I personally think it’s crap. I agree Tatr, if you’re that committed what difference is the marriage to you – esp. if you have a Christian faith because marriage is based on that. I also personally think it’s just a way to avoid getting married and really making that committment – it’s safer not to get married.

    But I will say that if I were in the limelight and had been through their situations I prob. would be a lot more cautious about re-marrying again too.

    I just have seen too many people use that as an excuse to really commit so I don’t really agree with Jenny’s viewpoint on that.

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