More Random Thoughts…


I’ve thought of several random things over the last several days and now that I’m here to blog about them, of course, I can’t remember what hardly any of them are! Here goes anyway:

* Dancing With the Stars premiered this week. I thought Wayne Newton was the worse but he won’t go home because he has such a huge fan base and they’re probably the demographic that watches this show. It just looked like he was scrunching in his butt cheeks the whole time. My guess for first person gone will be that model, Josie Maran. Not a lot of people know who she is and the judges ripped into her the first night. I was most impressed by that Cheetah Girl. I didn’t know who she was but she got out there and really cha-cha-cha’d her butt off. She’s also not a skinny tiny size 2 girl so I’m pulling for her for that reason. Mark Cuban did better than I thought he would have too.

* Discovery Channel has announced that Man vs. Wild host Bear Grylls is not always in the throes of danger like the show depicts. Turns out, the film crew has helped him make rafts and stuff and sometimes he’s even stayed at hotels during his expeditions rather than “roughing it” as the show portrays. They said when the new season starts that they will portray it more transparently and will include a disclosure when things aren’t as they seem. I don’t watch this show but I have seen a couple episodes and I remember one show where he said you could acclimate wild horses to your presence and eventually fashion a rope out of whatever weeds/vines were available and, perhaps, ride them to safety. Well, I remember sitting there thinking, no way would a wild horse allow him to get that close to them. Turns out, the horses weren’t wild after all. I do watch a show called Survivorman and he really is out there all by himself. He doesn’t even have a camera man with him – he shoots it all himself and he never brings any food or water. It’s wild some of the stuff he endures. It’s also on the Discovery Channel so check it out if you get the chance.

* I want to start Christmas shopping already but don’t have the money yet. At the very least, I’m going to start my list and writing down gift ideas for everyone in case I see something they might like and this way, I won’t forget it by the time I’m ready to actually start buying gifts.

* The above random thought got me to wondering what I would like this Christmas. The only thing I can come up with so far is a water foot bath massager thingy. You know, one of those foot massagers that you fill up with water and soak your feet? That appeals to me for some reason.

* I bought my friend a birthday gift WAY back in June because her birthday was in July and I still haven’t given it to her. Kathryn – we have got to get together sometime soon or I’m going to keep your gifts for myself.

* Not a lot going on with the photography business so far. I’ve booked a job and have several inquiries fo more but no more bookings. I’m a little discouraged but am going to put out a bunch of magazines with my flyers inside the front covers in doctor’s waiting rooms for OB/GYN and pediatrician offices. I figure this may help me book some family and children portrait sessions before the holidays. Any other marketing ideas? If you’ve been married recently, how did you find your wedding photographer?

That’s probably enough random boringness for now.


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  1. David and I were watching Bear Grylls last night. It was an episode we’d seen before where he set out rabbit traps. In the original episode, he acted like he’d caught one and showed people how to kill/skin it, but in the revised episode, he said something like, “My traps didn’t catch anything, but I have a rabbit here to show you how to prepare it,” so they’ve changed some things.

    Now is probably a slow time for photography, since the busy wedding season is dying down. Put an ad on craigslist and see what happens. Lots of people look on there.

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