Another New Post!!!


I’ve been an exceptionally good blogger this week if I do say so myself! We’ll have to see how long I can keep it up though.

Yesterday at lunch Hubby decided it was finally time for us to remodel the kitchen. About 5 years ago he decided this as well and started painting. He finished one cabinet and decided it would be better that we hire someone to do that. It never got any farther than that and I’ve lived with one white cabinet with no doors ever since.

We decided we were embarassed to have people over to the house until we fix it so we started painting again today. This time, we agreed that we weren’t going to paint the inside of the cabinets though so things are progressing a whole lot faster. By 7:00 this evening we had all the doors and hardware off the cabinets, the cabinets rough and fine sanded and a coat of primer on everything! i have to give credit to Hunny though – he finished a lot of this while I was at work today. I’m so excited about the progess thus far. We are going to do the first (and hopefully only) coat of paint tomorrow and will do the second coat on Sunday (if we have to). Keep your fingers crossed that only one coat will get it though. The primer is white and we’re painting the cabinets white so this should work in our favor at least.

We are going to cut one of the cabinets down in order to turn the dishwasher so it will create an island. We’re also going to lay a new floor. We plan on doing all the work ourselves. We haven’t decided on what we’re going to use for countertops and backsplash yet. I’d love to get some kind of natural stone but I’m cheap so who knows what we’ll find. Keep your fingers crossed!

Anyone with any suggestions on things they’ve seen? We don’t want to do granite as it’s too expensive but we’re game for other things. Nothing that requires a lot of upkeep like concrete or butcher block (both of which I understand have to be sealed annually). Any other ideas?


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  1. My parents used 12″ tile on their countertops. It’s one way to get stone for a lot less. And if you butt them up really close, you don’t have to worry much about the grout.

  2. You should go to Southeastern Salvage on Eugenia at 100 Oaks. They have lots of tile and other home remodeling for really cheap. I was amazed at how large the store is. Additionally, laminate countertops are really nice now and can look like stone and granite-with texture and everything. We may do that, because granite is too expensive, and solid surface like Corian is about the same price.

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