I Have a New Obsession!

Sorry about the weeklong break from posting. I’ve been doing really well lately but got busy last week. I can’t promised this week will be much better but I’ll try.

Anyway, back to my new obsessions – The Food Network!!! This is especially surprising to those of you who really know me as you will know that I simply don’t cook. When I married 10 years ago my new husband said he doesn’t feel like cooking after working all day and he doesn’t expect me to do that either. So, we’ve always eaten out – A LOT! There are weeks when I won’t dirty a single dish in my house. Yes, I’m being serious. So the revelation that I can’t get enough of cooking shows is understandably surprising to some of you.

I think it all started a couple months ago when I was home sick for 2 days. For some strange reason all I did was lay in bed and watch cooking shows. Most of the time when I’m sick the mere thought of food is abhorent so it was strange from the get go. But I’ve been hooked on them ever since. I adore The Food Network – it’s my favorite. And for those of you that have an HD tv – there’s two channels! The regular one and an HD one that shows different shows so if I don’t like what’s on 1, I can turn the channel and check out the other. Not to mention the stuff “On Demand” – wowie!!!

My absolute favorite is Paula Deen. She makes me laugh out loud during her show. She has two shows, “Paula’s Home Cooking” which is shot in her home in Savanah, Georgia (and for those of you who thought we Tennesseean’s were country – you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!), and another called “Paula’s Party” where she’s a little wild and very flirty. This is a woman who’s in her late 50’s/early 60’s with two grown sons. She’ll feed male audience members and kiss them and flirt with them – she’s too funny!!! Her trademarks are her affinity for butter and that she can fry anything. This weekend I watched a show where she literally fried lasagna. I know, it sounds disgusting but it looked really good! Basically, you make a regular lasagna and refridgerate it over night so it sets up firmly. Cut it into square serving sizes (appx 3 per row across) and cover in flour. Dredge through an egg wash and cover in bread crumbs. Drop it into a deep fryer for a couple minutes until golden brown and serve hot. It makes the cheese all melty and gooey. I can’t wait to try this!!! I don’t have a deep fryer though (which is probably a very good thing)!

I also like this show called “Guy’s Big Bites” and another show he does called “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”. Guy is too funny. He’s got all these tattoos, wears a lot of jewelry, and has spikey blond hair. He makes some wild things – ribs, onion rings, etc. He always makes a cocktail during his show too. In his “Diners” show, he visits all these little hole-in-the-wall places and I don’t think there’s anything he won’t eat. He’ll try it all – no matter how gross it looks.
Of course, I like Rachel Ray too but she’s in danger of being over-exposed. She’s everywhere. I like that her meals are so fast but she makes a lot of salads (which I really have no use for).
Since my new addiction, I’ve started a wish list of all this kitchen stuff I need (okay, I want). Now, we just need to finish remodeling our kitchen (which appears will cost about 3k to finish so it may be a long while before it’s actually done – I want quartz counter tops which ain’t cheap – I’ll probably come to my senses and reaturn to reality soon but in the meantime, I’m slobbering over them).

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  1. I love Paula, too! One of my clients is in Savannah, and I’m itching to go visit them so I can turn it into a personal vacation. Guy makes some neat things, but I took a menu from one of his shows and tried it, and it seemed to take FOREVER! David loves Alton Brown. He’s very informative, and he says “thusly” a lot, which I like for some reason.

  2. Paula Dean! Butter and olive oawl! LOL!

    I love the food network too. Can’t stand that toothy Giada Delrentas (Everyday Italian- although I watch her at times for her recipes) but everyone else is a go for me!

  3. Paula Dean is a cook you can trust because she looks like she actually eats. I don’t like the Giada De Laurentiis either because I don’t believe for a moment she actually eats. From one non-cook to another I’ve found Costo is the best place for dinners your don’t have to cook. All you need is a microwave.

  4. Alton Brown makes me laugh – he’s so goofy!

    Kelli – if you go to Savannah let me know, I’d LOVE to go see her and I hear it’s a neat place to visit for the weekend. Maybe we could get Rob Hill to loan us his book he did about it 🙂

  5. Actually, when I took pictures of Rob’s family and he had to return my memory card to me, he put an autographed (hehe) copy of the book in the envelope with the memory card, so I’ve got it. You’re welcome to borrow it!

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