Anyone Still Out There?


Looks like Val and I took a couple months off. Not intentionally, mind you, but it appears we got busy and/or lazy or, if I were being completely honest, a combination of both over the holidays (you know, the holidays starting with Halloween). So, for those few of you who are still checking in on us – here’s a little treat for holding out hope for us this long!

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging is Hubby and I remodeled our kitchen. It’s taken a couple months to get everything done and we still aren’t completely finished. We have to paint one little part above the cabinets and get one last set of doors back from the cabinet maker (which should all be done in the next two weeks). After that, I’ll post pictures. For those that have seen my kitchen – you will be amazed at the transformation! Amazing.

Another reason I haven’t blogged is I’ve been sick (although this just occured in the last two weeks). I started coughing and being real tired the weekend before New Years and it turns out I had pneumonia. I’ve never had a major illness in my entire life so this was really a shock to me. I’ve never smoked, had asthma or any other breathing problems so I was really surprised that I got it. I actually ended up spending three days in the hospital (which I really don’t recommend). Other than 1 night 18 years ago to birth my child, I’ve never spent a night in the hospital. It was really horrible. I hope I never have to spend another night there.

The photography business has been a little slow but steady. I’ve actually had a job every month. I’m getting more experience and am making a little money but i have enjoyed every second. I want to shoot more weddings and they certainly pay more money but, at this point, I really enjoy shooting children. They are fascinating and their pictures are so pure. They are quickly becoming my favorite subject. Tonight I actually booked another job photographing a two year old in a couple weeks. I’m excited!

I’ll will try to post more tomorrow – I’m taking things slowly as the doctor says it can be 4 to 6 weeks before I’m back to normal so we’ll see how I feel. Also, there may be a new twist coming to the blog soon so be sure to check back often!

Thanks again for those of you who’ve been faithful all this time – we appreciate it!!!



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