I’m officially addicted


Have you had any experience with genealogy?  My husband signed us up for a free two week trial on ancestry.com, and I can’t seem to get enough.  It’s like a puzzle that can’t be solved!  I’ve been able to trace a couple of my lines back to England in the 1600’s – arriving on US shores in South Carolina.  My great-great-great grandfather fought in three wars including the Civil War, in which he was a Captain; had two wives (at different times) and six kids; owned and farmed many acres of land and lived to 91 years of age at a time when people were dying much younger.  Here’s a picture:

 William L. Parks

He’s the one on the front row on the far right.  The problem I’ve run into is that I have no idea who his parents are.  I’ve hit a brick wall, and that’s what is driving me crazy.  Such an interesting man…and I can’t learn any more about him!  Well, I do know one interesting fact.  His first wife was related to Jack Daniel – yes, THAT Jack Daniel.  You think I’m entitled to a little whiskey to drown my ancestry sorrows?


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  1. That is very cool that you were able to find all that out so quickly! Just two weeks? Wow – impressive. Be careful though, people become obsessed with this stuff – I think I would!

  2. Oh, glad to see you’re enjoying being a blogger too! Are we ever gonna see a new ribbon dance? Come on, please? Pretty please???

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