10 Year Wedding Anniversary


This year, Hubby and I are really trying to be dedicated to saving money, spending as little as possible, and paying off debt.  Sticking with this, we decided that we weren’t going to buy big expensive anniversary gifts.  A lot of people probably would since it was 10 years but I don’t need some sparking jewelry to know how much he loves me (he’s SHOWN me that for the last decade but especially over the last month).    He got me flowers (which were lovely and are STILL pretty almost a week later) and I got him a set of 4 coffee mugs since he’s been adoring the coffee maker he got for Christmas. 

Since we didn’t do much for gifts, we did want to go to a special dinner.  We eat out A LOT so there really aren’t that many places that would be special.  It was 6:00 on Friday night and we’d been trying to think of somewhere to eat for about an hour and just couldn’t come up with anything.  Kelli had actually told us about a neat restaurant about 90 minutes away (High Point Restaurant on Monteagle) a couple months ago and that occurred to me but I thought it was too far so didn’t mention it.  Then, Hubby called out that he knew where we should go and had the High Point website up on the computer screen.  http://www.highpointrestaurant.net/ Ironic, huh?

We called and they said we could get a 9:00 reservation and it only took about an hour and 20 minutes to get there so we got dressed up (I even wore a skirt but it had been so long I had to stop and buy a pair of panty hose!).  We had a lovely ride over there, holding hands and just chatting and spending quiet time alone. 

 When we got there (which was super easy right from the interstate), the place was lovely.  It’s actually an old home supposedly financed by Al Capone that was built with escape hatches out the roof and even a secret passageway.  The city made them fill in the passageway but the home is still neat:


We sat in this room at the table to the right of the fireplace.  We were there so late that we were the only people in the whole room.  They had a fire going and it was so quaint and romantic!

And the food – WOW!!!  We both had New York steaks and they were so delicious.  I had the French Onion and Hubby had the Blackened and Blue (cute, huh?).  The rolls were amazing served with their fresh whipped butter and we got the grilled pound cake for dessert which was served over homemade caramel sauce and 3 scoops of butter pecan ice cream.  The food was decadent and not all that expensive for a place like this.  We didn’t get any drinks but we both got steaks and we shared a dessert and our bill was under $75. 

 This place was perfect and totally made our anniversary intimate and memorable.  If you’re ever near Monteagle, or heck, sitting at home on a Friday night wondering where to go for dinner, I highly recommend you check it out!



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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s a special place for us, too, and I we had already planned on going back in May for our anniversary. High Point is the kind of place that you make a tradition to visit every year, I think.

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