Kitchen Renovation



 My kitchen renovation is finally complete. Like any renovation, it went on for much longer and much more money than I’d originally bargained for. But of course, when you change one thing, fourteen more things need to be changed because either a) it needs to look good or b) is worn out and doesn’t work anymore.

So in the end, I’ve changed the floors, painted, put in new counters and backsplash and bought a new table. I’m so in love, although my picture didn’t turn out that well you’ll get the idea.

So I’ve gone from this:


To this lovely kitchen, well what I think is great anyway! For my little house.


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  1. Wow, it looks really nice! I love that warm yellow color. We’re trying to get our house ready to sell, which means many improvements. I know what you mean about it taking longer and costing more than anticipated! But it’s so worth it when it’s done…as we can see with your lovely kitchen!

    Now, someone else needs to post her kitchen renovation…

  2. VAleen – that looks fantastic! Look how much brighter the room looks in the second picture – it just seems you’re getting a lot more light bouncing off the yellow walls and even your cabinets look lighter. I like your backsplash too. You really did a fantastic job. You must be so proud.

    This was definitely the year to remodel kitchens. Hubby needs to paint above the cabinets and we’re still waiting on 2 cabinet doors and then I’ll post pictures. You won’t believe the difference!

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