These people are crazy!


I record the Dr. Phil show every day.  I don’t watch every episode – just the ones that interest me but  I probably watch 3 a week.  Yesterday’s show was about “vigilantes” – people taking matters into their own hands.  These people have lost their mind!  Meet the crazies:

 Dr. William Moody says his constitutional rights were violated when he was attacked while arguing with a man about moving his car.  A local news station happened to be on the street and videotaped the whole episode.  A car was blocking the driveway to this dentist’s office so he gets out of the car and starts yelling at this Latin man to move his car.  The man is saying okay, he’ll move it.  The dentist actually gets in the other guy’s car like he’s going to move it himself then gets out and the Latin guy’s sister comes up and pushes the dentist.  He pushes her – hard – and knocks her to the ground and then the brother punches him.  The dentist starts taking off his coat like they’re really going to throw down and happens to turn and notice that a camera is filming him.  He comes over and grabs the camera and the host is telling the man he’s assaulting the camera man.  Cops happen to be in the area and handcuff the dentist and arrest him.  Now, HE is saying his constitutional rights have been violated.  Um, how?  Yeah, the guy punched you AFTER you pushed his sister to the ground, AFTER you got in his car (which seems to me he could be charged with attempted vehicle theft) and AFTER you assaulted a cameraman.  We also find out on the show that on the same day this happened, the dentist followed a woman into a parking garage, honking his horn at her for 6 flights and then yelled at her after she got out of her car.  As if that weren’t enough, he also rear-ended a different car – all on the same day.  Dr. Phil asked him if he was just having a bad day and he replied all humble “each day I wake up breathing is a good day” and said he was thinking of his three precious children’s futures when he was “defending  himself” because who would provide for them if he was dead?  GIVE ME A BREAK!

Mona, 75, made national news when she walked into the office of her local cable company with a hammer and smashed up their equipment! She says they were rude and gave her inadequate service, and she doesn’t regret her actions. Why was she so mad?  She says she waited all day for Comcast to come and hook up her new phone service.  At first she said they didn’t show up all day and then she said they showed up and put a phone box outside but their phone didn’t work.  She says they went to Comcast to talk to a manager, waited 2 hours, and then were told that they had gone home.  She and her husband went home, she got a hammer, and they went back.  She walked past the line of people waiting, reached over the counter and smashed the keyboard and phones of the customer service reps and then looked at them and said “Do I have your attention now?”.  They called the police and she had to pay $2,500 probably in equipment costs for the stuff she destroyed.  Her church (yes – this crazy woman goes to church) even had t-shirts made with her picture, and her husband had a gold hammer lapel pin made for her.  Dr. Phil’s studio audience cheered for her.  She didn’t act remorseful what-so-ever.  I can not disagree more with this woman’s actions.  Because she’s 75 that gives her the right to act like an idiot?  She says they can’t go without phone service because she could have (another) heart attack and they have to have the ability to call 911.  I guess your heart gets stressed if your whacking hammers at stuff.  It didn’t say how long the phone was out but I got the impression it was only the one day.  I’m astounded that this woman let something like that make her behave so deplorably.  I think she should be ashamed of her behavior.  What kind of an example is she setting for her grandchildren?  If you don’t get your way, then it’s okay to grab a hammer?  Give me a break!

I guess that’s all I have to say about that.



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  1. I think these are people who have been passive for so long that they just go off the deep end…completely in the other direction. And they think that’s a good thing. It’s one thing to stand up for yourself and be logical and respectful, but they’re downright crazy.

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