Bust Week


Sorry about no posts in a few days.  Things seemed to get crazy the end of this week.  Tonight my daughter and I started the arduous task of shopping for a prom dress.  It’s kind of fun but my feet were throbbing by the time we were done (and we only went for 4 hours).  We’re planning on going tomorrow and I expect we’ll have something by tomorrow evening.  She found a dress she really liked but it’s $100 over our budget.  I talked to the manage right before the store closed and she said she would give me 10% off but that’s still $60 over budget.  We both really liked the dress but we’re going to several stores tomorrow just to be sure we can’t find something a little more reasonable.  $400 for a prom dress is just crazy.  Especially when you add in that we still have to buy shoes, jewelry, handbag, have her hair done, nails done, and make-up done.  Whew!  I’m glad this is the last one.

I’ve been whining for probably two years about how slow our computers are at work.  My home office is 2 states and 4 hours away so our IT people try to assist us remotely.  However, they finally agreed that someone needed to come down here and check things out as, not only were our computers crazy slow, our phones had static on them and our printer was going out.  At the end of the day, the IT guy realized our phones had 2 wires each going into 2 holes rather than 1 of the 4 wires each going into one of the 4 holes.  We’re calling a wiring company to come out and fix that.  It was going to cost $200 to fix our crappy printer so we’ve just ordered a new one.  AND he wasn’t there an hour and realized why our computers were so slow.   We each only had 256mg of RAM.  That’s about 1/4 of  a 1 gig.  We promptly went to the store and bought 1 gig each and that has corrected a lot of our problems.  Why did it take two years of my whining for such a simple solution?  Who knows but at least it’s fixed now.

I’m excited about Valentine’s Day.  I bought Hubby’s gift a week ago and I can’t wait for him to open it.  He rarely reads this blog but I don’t want to post what it is just in case he decides to pop in.  I’ll come back and post afterword.  We’re scheduled to have our taxes done that afternoon – romantic, huh?  Anyone have any real romantic plans for that day?

 Will post again soon,



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  1. Gah, that’s a lot for a prom dress!!! She should’ve had her friend snag a bridesmaid dress when that wedding store closed. Good luck!

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