Valentine’s Day


Couple funny things I thought I’d share with you all regarding this Valentine’s Day.  Anytime Hubby gets me a card, he always gets me a Hallmark card from the Hallmark store.  He even leaves it in the Hallmark bag and puts the little gold sticker on the back of it:

Also, another funny thing he does is he always puts my name in parenthesis on the front of the card:

I have no idea why he does this but it’s kind of cute, huh?  He’s kind of weird but I love him! He was a sweetie and got me flowers:

Every year I get Bridgette a bouquet and take it to her at school.  I’m honestly kind of glad this is the last year I have to do that because it’s never convenient and I feel kind of goofy but I know she really appreciates it.  I do have to extend a special thanks to my sister, Michelle, for coming along with me this year to arrange the flowers (in the car no less) and make them look so pretty:

And the best part about this whole day?  The wonderful present Bridgette gave me.  Over the years we’ll get a whim and decide that we’re in the mood to color.  The last time this happened was only 6 months ago.  So, she went to the store and got me the good 64 count box of Crayola crayons and then she got a poster-board and wrote down “64 Reasons Why I Love You”, one in each color:

Is she not the sweetest child ever???  It probably only cost $4 and it’s one of my favorite gifts ever!  I sure am going to miss her when she leaves for college in the fall (I figure if I keep saying it I’ll actually be prepared for it when it actually happens but I’m not so sure).



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