New hairstyle – please help!


Okay, lovely readers.  I need your help.  Right now, I’m in one of those hair funks where you just do not like your style.  My current style is something like this but a couple of inches longer: 

I wanted to grow my hair out because I thought it would make me look younger.  But it’s just so flat and BLAH.  And I’m not sure I’ll like it if I keep growing it out.  So what hairstyles are you digging right now? 


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  1. I think you haircut is cute. Would you want to do something with the color? Oh wait, there is a really cute cut I’ve seen. There is a girl name Chelsia on the new season of Big Brother and her hair is a tad asymetrical, one side is longer and it’s SUPER cute. I’ll see if I can find a pic on the ABC website.


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