New Hairdo for Kelli


Kelli, this is the girl from Big Brother who’s hair cut I think is cute (by the way, Big Brother is on CBS, not ABC – oops):

I think she’s leaning forward a little bit in that pic and the one side looks WAY longer than the other but it’s not that drastic.  Here’s another pic that shows it (although she’s making a goofy face):

You can’t tell from this pic but it’s short in the back and looks totally cute.  I think it would look good on you. 

The girl to the right of the guy in this picture is her from the back so you can see how it’s shorter in the back:


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  1. My sister and I were just talking about her hair cut on Sunday night. I really love it, and would like to have it (although getting rid of my two feet of hair would be hard) but I can’t imagine having to blowdry and straighten every single morning so it would lay like hers. That would take me over an extra hour, since mine is so wavy and curly. It would be wild if I didn’t.

  2. See, my hair was in that wedge-ish cut back last year or so. But it flipped out some and wasn’t so smooth. Right now, I’m having to do exactly what Valeen said she doesn’t want to do – blowdry AND flatten with an iron. Hmm, I may just get it cut a little more angular but keep most of the length. It sucks not being happy with your hair!

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