Dancing with the Stars


I’m actually a little embarrassed that I watch this show.  My mother, my step-mother and my friend Kathryn all adored this show the first couple seasons and talked about it incessantly so I finally caved and watched it starting with the 3rd season.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

However, I don’t love everything about the show.  The Tuesday night results show could really be about 20 minutes long if you remove all the “filler” crap they add in.  I don’t usually care about the guest singer and I hardly ever watch the dancers either.  However, recently they’ve had this kid dancers.  Something about that is really creepy to me!!!  Watching those little bodies move around the stage like that is disturbing!  They’re so serious too.  Why aren’t these kids out being little kids?  I don’t like them – weirdos!

Today they had a guest couple dancing during James Blunt’s performance and the woman was barefoot!  Why on Earth was she barefoot?  I know she was doing some weird stuff the dancers don’t usually do but she at least could have worn ballet slippers?  They even come in nude color so they would’t be that noticable.  i just thought it was gross and it distracted me from their dance.  Well, I was already starting to write this blog entry so I was distracted anyway but it was still weird.

I was glad Priscilla left.  It’s not that I don’t like her – I just thought it was her time.  I know she can’t help her age but Marlee can’t help being deaf and they don’t cut her any slack if she gets her timing off.  She didn’t do w  ell at all this week and I personally don’t think she did that well any of the other weeks either.  Her face is so freaky looking too.  I know her plastic surgeon has gotten into trouble and wasn’t doing things as he was supposed to but she’s obviously had A LOT of work done.  She was so pretty and she looks freaky now! I just don’t understand why.

I took the day from work today because I didn’t feel well this morning.  My stomach was all wonky but I started feeling better this afternoon. The good news is I was able to get some reading done and I finished the book I was supposed to get done Saturday.  It was REALLY good!  So, if you have a chance to pick up Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me?  I’d grab it.  It’s more chick lit than romance but it’s really good.  Reminded me of Bridget Jones’ Diary and it’s set it modern day London.  The main character gets amnesia and it’s hilarious!

Well, I think I’m going to bed.  I have another photo shoot tomorrow – an engagement session downtown.  Wish me luck!






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  1. I didn’t get to see it last night – prob. don’t want to now, but I recorded it so I’ll watch the creepy kids, LOL. Yeah, not only does Priscilla have a creepy face, she also has no personality. It didn’t look like she and Louis had any chemistry either. He creeps me out anyways. I feel like he tries to get to close to the partners – maybe not, and it’s just that I don’t like him. I also almost felt that it wasn’t about her age, but that the judges and other dancers were in awe of her. That still amazes me the power Elvis’ celebrity has even now.

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