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As you probably noticed, I’ve changed the theme.  I really liked the old one but I thought it was a little dark for late spring so I wanted something pretty and springy.  Val and Kelli – if you guys don’t like it, let me know, and you can actually post something and change it.  We’ve been very bad bloggers lately haven’t we?  Well, I really do have an excuse.  Here’s what I’ve been doing:

May 2– Prom.  This is a very big deal.  I took a half day off from work so I could go with my daughter to have her hair and make-up done.  Then, me, Hubby and my daughter all went to the nail salon and got pedicures.  It was really quite fun.  After getting her all ready, we head over to her boyfriend’s house to take pictures.  From there, we go to the country club where prom is being hosted to take more pictures.  Parents didn’t go to the actual venue when I was in school but we’re expected to come to these.  Who knew?  Last year Hubby was wearing overalls (which isn’t a common occurrence – I promise!) and my daughter said it was time for everyone to leave.  We had no clue!  Anyway, we had to drive across town to take pictures for 20 minutes.  At least Hubby took me to dinner afterward.

May 3– Babysit my Godson from 10am to 3pm.  At 3pm I have a pregnancy photo shoot.

May 4– Besides being my mother’s birthday, it is also the Baccalaureate services at my daughter’s school. As soon as that is over, we go directly from school to the baby shower for the person I shot yesterday.  It’s my daughter’s boyfriend’s sister (did you get that?) so we have to go – even though we’re 2 hours late because of the Baccalaureate services.  Don’t know what Baccalaureate services are?  Neither did I.  They are a religious commencement exercise for graduating seniors.  My daughter attends a Christian High School.

May 7 – Caps & gowns arrive at school.  This doesn’t really sound like an event that would affect me but – you’d be mistaken.  The school invited all the parents to come to school to take pictures of their kids in their caps and gowns and be able to get group pictures with their friends without being in such a hurry as you would the day of graduation.  I thought this was a great idea.  I got to take pics of my daughter with all her different groups of friends and even got pics of the entire class all in their caps and gowns.  They never did this when I was in school but I have to admit that it was an excellent idea!

May 11– Mother’s Day and my daughter’s 19th birthday.  My entire family (about 15 of us) go to a local buffet for lunch at $20 a head!!!  They jacked their prices up for Mother’s Day but at least the food was good.  We go back to my house (did I mention I spent the entire day before cleaning the house in preperation to have 15 people at my house?  Well, yeah, I did, and I’m exhausted!).  My daughter isn’t a fan of cake so I decide to make her brownies for her birthday.  But, my mom doesn’t like nuts so I have to make two pans of brownies – some with nuts and some without. I was going to make these last night but my daughter said she wanted to eat them warm out of the oven. Okay – it is her birthday I remind myself so I comply.  She opens her gifts while they’re in the oven. We got her a 3 gig Dell laptop for her birthday and graduation combo gift and we split the cost with my mom – thank God!  The brownies FINALLY finish baking, people eat, make a mess, and leave my house.  Did I mention I spent all day cleaning the house yesterday?  Lucky me gets to clean it all up again this afternoon.

May 12 – Help my daughter get her resume ready to meet with the staffing people.  She’s planning on working at a temp service over the summer since she has so much office experience, she wants to work full time this summer (well, probably not so much as wants to as has to in order to help pay for college), and she can make darn good money.  She’s planning to study Interior Design in college so she got this great idea to send letters to a bunch of Design firms asking if they needed any help during the summer so she could get a little experience and get a real-world perspective of what it’s going to be like before she commits 4 years to a program that she may not like.  We sent out 34 letters about a third of them were returned undeliverable (i.e. the firms had gone out of business).  This made me a little nervous about how successful this business may be.  We didn’t get any response so she’s going to the temp agency.

May 13 – Awards for Seniors at school.  My daughter’s last day of classes was actually Monday 5th and she didn’t even have to wear her uniform to the awards ceremony so she was pretty stoked about that.  No more pleated plaid skirt and her official crested shirt.  Whew! 

May 15 – my daughter has to spend ALL DAY on campus at the college she’ll be attending in the fall.  She has to get a meningitis shot, turn in her new student orientation papers, take a test to skip a class and meet with financial aid.  You may be wondering what this has to do with me?  Well, I had to schedule all her appointments and get the huge map of the campus out and figure out which buildings she needed to go to and when.  I didn’t go with her as I figured it would be good practice for her for next fall.  She did call me and told me one time that she’d forgotten where she put her car. 🙂

May 16 – My Hubby’s 39th birthday.  I took a half day off from work and spent HOURS cleaning the house and getting everything ready for out stuff tomorrow (see May 17th).  I did get my mom to help out (and I would have NEVER gotten everything done without her help).  She made Hubby a home made strawberry cake for his birthday which he LOVED.  We had presents and went to dinner that night.  I was actually going to find time to cook but he said I had so much stuff going on that I could make him his birthday dinner on Sunday.  I still stayed up till after midnight getting the house and food and everything else ready for tomorrow.

May 17– Graduation Day!  I found out yesterday that not only are parents expected to come to the commencement exercises at 10:30, but we’re supposed to come watch the senior slide show which begins at 8:00am (which means I got out of bed at 6:30 – I can not even begin to tell you the last time I was up at 6:30).  We loved the slide show because my daughter was in it a lot.  Then, we had breakfast that the school provided at 9:30 (which was surprisingly good) and then the Graduation Ceremony started at 10:30.  Did I mention that my Hubby’s nephew’s (with whom he is extremely close – a surrogatefather) graduation started across town at 10:00?  I didn’t? Well, let’s just say we’re praying he’s able to get across town to see both of them walk.  They have assigned 6 specific seats for each of the students and everyone else has to fill the remaining seats – first come first seated. We wander in and realize that our assigned seats are litterallyon the very front row.  I was amazed as my daughter’s last name starts with an S.  We’re told they had a random draw and her’s was the 2nd name drawn.  How lucky are we?  We have 6 in the very front row and the other 8 or so people actually got seats towards the back.  MANY people were standing.  And- Hubby actually got there in time to watch her walk!  As soon as we got out of graduation, we rushed to my house for a reception we were hosting for, not only my daughter, but Heath’s nephew as well.  That was the only way people from Heath’s family would be able to see both the kids.  There were close to 50 people at my house.  Whew!  The day before I cooked and prepared food for about 6 hours.  I’m thrilled to report that it was almost ALL eaten!  As soon as our reception was over, we drove across town to attend my daughter’s boyfriend’s reception.  Then, we got to come back home and my mom and sister-in-law helped Hubby and I clean the house.  It was so nice when it was all completed but I was so tired.  Oh, the coolest thing happened too!  We had pretty much written off hearing from any of the Interior Designers but my daughter checked her e-mail this afternoon and one of them does need help this summer andwants to meet with her!  My daughter Googled her and found out she’s been on Designer’s Challenge on HGTV and has won Best of Show in several parade of homes tours around here the last 5 years!  My daughter set up an appointment to meet with her Wed so keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that it works out for her!  What a great graduation surprise, huh?

May 18– Although I was hoping to rest and veg and stare at the tvall day long – no such luck.  Well sort of no such luck.  I helped my daughter research a good digital camera for her to buy with her graduation money and take to college with her.  I think we’ve settled on a Canon S5 IS – anyone have any experience with this?  Hubby has the Canon S3 IS so this is just a newer version of that and we like it.  After I did that, we also found her some new tires.  Then, I was hoping to finish reading a book I’ve been trying to read for 2 weeks as the review is due.  I also had another book where the manager of my review site asked for me to turn in  ASAP.  Oh, I also had another book to read so I could interview the author by the end of the week and have that review and interview submitted by the 25th.  I did manage to start and finish the book my manager asked for but didn’t get the other 2 finished.  MUST finish them this week.  I did make Hubby his favorite meal for his belated birthday dinner – meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls.  My daughter helped tremendously so that made things WAY easier.  We had my sister-in-law and Hubby’s nephew over for dinner to help celebrate.  After they left, I cleaned up – AGAIN – and finally finished my book a little after midnight. 

So, here I am at work.  I’ve got a HUGE project that I’m hoping is about to wrap up and another big project I’m just starting.  I want to go on vacation.  I NEED a vacation.  Oh, but wait, can’t.  Somebody wants to go to college and wants us to help pay for it.  Guess I’ll just keep working 😦


P.S.  LOADS of pictures from all the events to come.  Also, I’ve got a big exciting project at home I’m going to start this week but I’ll tell you all about that later.  Guess you’ll have to keep checking back!


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