My New Space


This weekend we didn’t really have a lot planned.  Hubby talked his sister into having a cook-out at her house for Memorial Day yesterday so all I had to do is make a hashbrown casserole and I didn’t have a huge mess to clean up – yippee for me!!

Last Saturday I started a BIG project.  Some of you may know that I have a crop/hobby room instead of a guest bedroom.  I’ve used this room for several years and feel lucky to have a spot like this for my very own.  This is it:

Well, it’s served me well for several years but I’ve finally come to accept that I’ve outgrown it.  I just have entirely too much stuff.  Another problem is our closets.  I have an older home with fairly small closets.  When this used to be a guest room, Hubby used the closet in this room as his and I got the closet in the master bedroom all to myself.  When I took over this room, Hubby moved his stuff into the master bedroom closet with me.  It was pretty crowded but I made due since I got the whole crop room to myself.  I figured it was a pretty fair trade off. 

So, I finally realized I no longer had enough room.  Hubby has an office downstairs in one corner of the basement.  It is technically a basement but that’s not really indicative of the room.  It’s fully finished with some drywall, some painted cinder-block walls, all carpeted, windows and french doors opening up to the patio.  I think it’s technically called a “walk-out basement” but I guess my point is that it’s not dank, drafty, moldy, smelly or scary.  It has none of these problems AND it’s BIG.  About 900 sq. feet big. 

Hubby has always used a corner of the basement as his office.  Another corner has our laundry room, another corner has an extra couch, small tv, fan, treadmill and some ab-crunch lounger thingy.  We never go in that corner.  The last corner is the reason I named the basement “Manland”.  It houses the big screen TV, two leather recliners, the phone and a leather couch.  My husband could live in the basement if it had a bathroom.  He loves it down there.  However, I think he loves me more than he loves Manland.  I told him I thought I’d outgrown my crop room (or “crap room” as he so lovingly referred to it) and I wondered if he would be willing to swap his office corner with my crop room.  He said he didn’t care!!!  I was TOTALLY excited.  No longer was I bound by the walls of convention!!!  I couldn’t wait!!

I moved my stuff downstairs on Saturday.   I had to wait a couple days though.  I had about 4 books I had to finish reviewing before I could start my next project.  I MADE myself finish those before starting on my new room.  Once I started I knew I wouldn’t want to stop until it was all finished and then I knew I’d want to scrapbook once I got everything set up.  Yes – I was a FONT of self control!  I finally finished my last review Friday night a little after midnight so I could get started on the move Saturday.

I was totally lucky that my daughter didn’t have to work and agreed to help me.  My sister-in-law stopped by and agreed to help me for a little bit too.  Hubby even helped when he finished working Saturday afternoon.  Even with all these helpers, I had A LOT of stuff to move.  I think I made about 100 trips up and down my stairs.  I really don’t think I’m exaggerating either!  It was exhausting!!!  We finally got everything moved and then I realized, it wasn’t going to fit in the corner where Hubby’s office used to be.  My daughter (the future interior designer) and I decided it was better to move it into the corner where the big screen was but that meant we had to move everything out of that corner first.  We did but then I still didn’t have enough room to put everything away.  We decided we needed to clean out the storage closet so we could store some stuff in there (like finding a permanent place for my studio lights and all my other camera equipment).  We were exhausted so we decided we’d finish on Sunday. 

We got up the next morning and HOLY SMOKES were my legs sore!!!  My calves hurt, my knees hurt and my thighs – OH MY GOODNESS.  I truly confronted just how out of shape I was.  I was determined to get my room finished though so I made myself get up and my daughter and I cleaned out the closet.  Hubby begrudgingly helped a little bit but he just wanted to keep everything and put it back in the closet.  Rest assured I did not allow this to happen.  We finally got it cleaned up and everything stored neatly and FINALLY got everything else put away fairly neatly.  It’s not the prettiest room ever but it’s very functional and I LOVE it.  I’m not posting pictures because I’m still waiting on a cabinet from the cabinet builder that’s going down there in my crap area but as soon as I have that I’ll post pictures of my new area.  I love it!  Now, if only my legs would quit hurting long enough to be able to walk down the stairs again so I could actually scrapbook!  Just kidding (only a little bit though).  My daughter and I did sit down there and work a little bit yesterday and I made two cards!  I think I’m really going to love my new space.   Oh, and I got the whole closet in the master bedroom back!!



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  1. Oh, it’s sad to see your beautiful hobby room gone, but at least now you’re really using space that was being unused before. So are you making this a guest bedroom again, or what? I think I missed that part of your story.

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