Patience is a virtue…tell me about it!


I have been so bad at posting lately.  So sorry!  I’m glad to see Valeen and Jennifer have gotten back on the wagon, which inspired my post.  You know how you just sometimes need to vent?  Well, dagnabit, that’s what I’m going to bless you with here.  My house has been for sale for two and a half months.  That means vacuuming EVERY day, keeping no dishes in the sparkling clean sink, washing clothes several times throughout the week and keeping the house generally immaculate, should someone decide to come look at it.  Nothing is my own anymore.  Everything is done with potential buyers in mind.  TWO AND A HALF MONTHS!  So, Friday I got a call from my agent saying someone wants to put an offer on it!!!  My husband and I were so relieved and excited to start looking for another house of our own.  Dreams of paint colors, fabrics and other beautiful things were swirling in my head.  Well, the guy’s realtor had been unable to show him the house initially and just wanted to see it before writing up the contract the next day.  The weekend draaaaaggggssssss by with no word – a long Memorial Day weekend, no less – and then we found out Monday that the agent talked him out of buying the house.  Mother f*@&er!  This is the second backed-out-of offer so far!  I’m not sure how much more of this crap I can take.

So, please keep me in your thoughts.  I’m really working on being more patient, but it’s hard to be continually let down with the house and fertility stuff (trying to conceive for 3 years/12 periods a year=36 straight monthly let downs) and keep telling myself, “It’s all part of a bigger plan.”  It will work out, I know, but it’s just really, really frustrating not to be able to move forward with anything.  Pretty soon I’ll be up to my ears in new house stuff with a grossly pregnant belly wondering why I was complaining, right? 🙂 



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  1. So sorry that the buyer backed out – again!!! You must be ready to spit nails!! Hang in there with the fertility stuff. Easy for me to say but you need to have faith in God’s plan for your life – no matter what that means. i know you do. I try to remind myself often that He is smarter than me and I just have to have faith. I read a passage once that if you pray to God for patience he won’t instantly make you patient but he will give you opportunities to practice patience.

    You know you can complain to us and we won’t think badly of you.

  2. I know I need to have faith, but it’s hard, and it’s easy to get the whole, “Why me?!” mentality. Then I think, “Get over yourself! People have gone through much worse than this!” It’s all relative. Hopefully something will happen soon.

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