ridiculous shipping costs


I have an addiction to magazines. I usually am able to keep it under control because I’d much rather spend money on actual books, but I’m still always very tempted to buy more magazine subscriptions.

I’ve noticed this magazine around more and more lately, and that it was so cheap to subscribe to!!


and yep – for you US residents it is super cheap – $10 per year for a subscription of 10 issues. Isn’t that a grand deal???

Well, now, as Jennifer knows I have an incredibly hard time purchasing items from American companies and trying to ship it into Canada a) at all or b) for a reasonable price. Well ladies, this lovely magazine is no longer cheap for those of us outside the US — for a one year subscription the price has jumped to a cost of $34 per year. I don’t even pay that much for Creating Keepsakes or Martha! There is no way in hell you can tell me what it costs an extra $14 to send a magazine in the mail each month. And there are no extra handling costs for the company – the shipping label gets printed off in the exact same manner as a US address.

I am so incredibly fed up with the cost of shipping items to Canada. Wake up company people and USPS!! Its only across a border, not across an ocean. We are not “overseas”, we are an adjoining neighbor!

On this note, I was going to sign up for this beautiful full scrapbooking monthly kit the other day, one I’ve heard fabulous things about and always enjoy seeing the layouts creating through it. As I went to sign up, thankfully I checked the shipping costs. Canada was listed under the “overseas” international countries and the cost of shipping one kit each month was $18. I’m currently subscribed to a kit club that charges me $8 (which I find more than reasonable) and the kit box always arrives each month with a cost of $7.36 attached the shipping labe. No $18 there.


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  1. I just subscribed to Domino and would happy to mail you my issues as well as other home magazines, if you want to pay the shipping. There may be some pages torn out, though!

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