Hello, again!


I’ve been really busy this summer with loads of stuff but am really going to try not to disappear again. 

This morning, I’m sitting at the McDonald’s drive-through.  I’m the 3rd car in line and the first car orders and pulls up pretty quick.  The truck in front of me pulls up and says, “I have three orders”.  This aggravates me immediately.  I know people do different things and people are lazy.  Heck, I’ll admit, I’m lazy at times too.  But, I never go through the drive-though if I have more than two orders.  It just takes too long and it’s too confusing in the drive-through.  So, as soon as I hear this I’m a little peeved but try to sit patiently.  I was doing pretty good until I hear this, “The first order is a sausage gravy and biscuit and … um… what exactly is an iced mocha?  I mean, what does it look like?”  Are you serious?!?!?  You want her describe what it looks like while you’re in the drive-through line?  REALLY?  At this point I look and see that there are about 6 cars behind me.  This woman is totally oblivious.  I don’t think she was intentionally being rude.  I just think she was totally unaware of what was going on around her. I think there are a lot of people like that.  They just go around town in their little bubble without any thought to the people around them.  I’d like to burst their bubbles sometimes.

Coming soon, I’ll have posts on my upcoming woman procedure/surgery, my scrapbooking get-together this weekend, my summer vacation, books I’ve read and not read, etc.

Keep checking back – we hope to get better!



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