Couple of Things


Well, to continue the previous theme (that was up for months and for that I apologize),  I STILL hate needles.  I had to have another IV today.  And yes, in case you were wondering, it too was in my hand.  For some reason the veins in my arms have decided that they have given enough and aren’t going to give any more.  Guess I’ll never be able to donate blood again.

So, I had to have another CT scan today. When I was in the hospital in January with pneumonia, during all the chest x-rays they found a nodule on my lung.  We did a follow up CT scan in April just to make sure it hadn’t grown and it wasn’t getting weird – it hadn’t.  But, my doctor said she wanted to do another one in 6 months to make sure it still hadn’t changed. So, today I go back to the hospital for another scan. I forgot that I had to have an IV.  The nurse starts looking for a vein in my arm and says she’s not seeing anything that looks good.  I begrudgingly tell her that they’ve had to use my hands the last couple of times and she determines that’s the best place. They inject this radioactive contrast dye stuff that puts a horrible metallic taste in your mouth, makes you warm all over and makes you feel like you’re about to pee all over yourself.  Really weird stuff.  I did not have to wear one of those papertowel gowns though so I guess it could have been worse.  I expect everything will be fine.

As an update, I did have a thermal endometrial ablation in September. Remember that 70% chance of never having another monthly visitor?  Well, that didn’t happen for me. The doctor did warn me that people who have my condition, adenomyosis, are the ones that usually continue to have cycles but I was keeping my hopes up. I have had a visitor twice since my procedure but they are super light and very short.  Hopefully this will prevent my having to have a hysterectomy so it’s still a success.  Just not quite as much of one as I had hoped.

Today is Election Day. I hope ALL of you go out and vote – no matter whom you wish to win.  If nothing else, at least this election is getting people to vote and I pray that they continue to do so in future elections.  I heard a correspondent yesterday say that the vast majority of Irish-Catholics that he knows are voting for Obama because of the financial crisis. He commented that morraly their views are more in line with McCain but the economy is so bad that they’re voting the other way this time. How sad it is that they are literally willing to sacrifice their morals in order to protect their money – at least in their minds. Sad.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore infomercials?  If not, I do – I really REALLY do!  It really is a bizzare thing.  I HATE commercials and I mean I abhor them.  I will switch the channel and come back to my program rather than watch the commercials.  I have TWO DVR’s and will purposefully NOT watch a program live if I can wait 20 minutes and fast-forward through all the commercials. 

How, you might ask, does this correlate to my love of informercials? I have no idea.  I could watch them all the time though.  The EZ Express 101 cooker machine is my favorite right now.  All the cool little things she makes in those wells – breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!  AMAZING!  No, I’ve never actually bought any of the crap and it’s doubtful I ever will but I will sit and watch the entire thing – mesmerized. Go figure, huh?

Talk to you soon,



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