We have a new President!


The election is finally over. The United States of America has elected a new president.  Although he won’t start for several months, the country is abuzz.  I didn’t vote for Obama, but I will support him. He will be the president and he has promised change.  I’m not sure exactly what change nor, specifically how, but I will wait and see.  The great thing about this nation is that WE get to decide, and we did. 

I hope the issue of race and color will go away. Isn’t it better that we focus on the man rather than the color?  I do not think we should elect anyone based on the color of one’s skin.  Actually, it’s rather funny that everyone is calling him the “First African-American President” when he is half black and half white.  He isn’t completely either one.  Shouldn’t he just be considered a man who will have the weight of this nation on his shoulders?




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  1. Could not agree more and I am so proud of you for sharing this info. Most of the blogs I read are all pro-Obama and they are still bashing McCain and Palin. Then there is all the hoopla about his race. I understand the historic nature of his being elected to the highest office, but ultimately he is both black and white. So, let’s move from the celebration to the task at hand. How is all this change going to happen ….and will I go broke paying for it? ;0)

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