Nasal Irrigation – Gross but Effective


Did that title get your attention?  Good so listen up.  For the past month or so, I’ve been doing this thing where I squirt water up my nose.  This is actually a pretty old trick as it used to be used widely before you could get decongestants and anti-histamines.  Anyone see that episode of The Office where Jim gets Pam a teapot and they end up doing a Dirty Santa exchange and Dwight ended up with it?  He was testing to see how it would fit up his nose.  Well – they really used to do that.  Now it’s called a Netti Pot but some people probably do use a traditional tea pot to do it rather than buy one of the specially designed pots:












Hehe – that picture makes me laugh.

However, I don’t use a Netti Pot – I use this specially designed squirt bottle thingy:










Basically, you lean over the sink and put the black tip of the bottle in your nose.  You squeeze and it squirts water, warm water with a mixture of salt and baking soa, up one nostril, through the sinus cavity, and out the other nostril.  It does give you the same sensation as when you get water up your nose while swimming.  It doesn’t stay that way once the water starts coming out. It also doesn’t sting either because the water is warm and because of the solution. The bottle does say to never use plain water which is what causes the stinging sensation.

You might be asking yourself, WHY is she doing this?  Well, because I was tired of my nose being stuffy all the time.  My doctor to me I could start taking Allegra and one of the many other sinus pills, every freakin’ day, or I could do this.  I HATE taking pills so I thought I’d give this a chance.  My Hubby has been doing it and my daughter’s allergy doctor prescribed her to do it too.  He actually gave her a special tip to attach to a water pik system that does the same thing and you just put the solution in the water holder of that.

Yes – it really works.  I do it before bed and I can breath so much easier and it stops my light snoring. 

Just thought I’d share one of my secrets with the world.  Enjoy!!



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  1. Hey, I use a netti pot! An herbalist told me to use that rather than benadryl or other meds because they dry out your body. I mean, every sort of mucous in your body, which is not good when you’re trying to get pregnant…if you catch my drift. Glad to know it’s helping you without constantly having to take something!

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