My Stupid Looking but Great Shoes Were on TV Today!


Good Morning America is usually on while I’m getting ready for work in the mornings.  I like robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer and the guys. Their witty banter entertains me. so, it’s on while I’m getting ready and I hear them talking about Z-Coil shoes. Hey – I just got a pair of those about two months ago and I go over and see that they and some other kind of shoe are being featured and all the hosts are wearing them.  They’re sort of bouncing around which is exactly what I did when I got mine.  If your’re not familiar with Z-coil shoes – here’s what they look like:

I have the plain, all white tennis shoes. They are unisex and are very ugly.  Perhaps you’re wondering why I would buy ugly shoes.  Well, they’re so comfortable!  They feel fantastic and are so wonderful that I wear them despite their ugliness.

You don’t see that many people wearing them because they’re kind of expensive and, yes, they’re weird looking. I get a lot of questions about them as they do tend to get some attention.  But, they are wonderful despite their ugliness!!!


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