This is Wrong in so Many Ways…


I admire women who can knit.  I don’t know how (although I’ve never tried) but it seems too time consuming and I need more immediate gratification.  I would love to have a sweater that I knit (knitted? Is that even a word?  Perhaps you knitterers could let me know) myself.  Perhaps even a matching one for Hubby and we can look WAY dorky by wearing them together and sending out Christmas cards with us and even the dog wearing one too!  However, I don’t have that ability so Hubby and the dog are safe (at least for now).

There are , however, items that I do not aspire to create.  The set below is one of these:

Notice how much eye make-up they had to put on this chick so you could tell she was a chick?

Look closely, yes – that IS a mustache!!!  This would be PERFECT for those follicly challenged men with cold heads.

Was it their intention to make him look like a turkey?

This one is perhaps the creepiest of all.  Maybe it’s the bright colors, or the bald strips above the ears, or the fake blush.  Just so many things…

My fellow blogger knits.  Kelli – would you EVER make one of these???


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  1. Yeah, let us see the pictures! Oh, if you right click on it and click Properties, that link will take you to the picture.

    Ha! I like the last one! Okay, okay…don’t twist my arm. I’ll make it for you for Christmas! Then when you go rob a bank, it’ll be a more pleasure experience for the victims because of your silly little ski mask.

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