More Health Crap :(


This has been a really crappy year for me health wise. As a refresher:

January – Some of you may remember I spent three days in the hospital for pneumonia. What a way to ring in the New Year! While doing the CT scan of my chest the doctors noticed a nodule on my lung. CT scans aren’t fun because they have to give you an IV of this radio-active dye that gives you an awful metallic taste in your mouth and makes you feel like you’ve wet yourself. My doctor decided I needed a series of follow up CT scans just to make sure the nodule wasn’t growing but I recovered from pnuemonia after a couple weeks. Oh goody – more CT scans to which I can look forward.

April – Annual GYN stuff (blech!) and a follow up CT scan (and another enjoyable IV which they have to give me in my hands since my arms have decided to quit cooperating) of my lung nodule. Good news all around – no changes and everything is normal.

July – My monthly visitor is a real problem. Severe bleeding that wouldn’t stop after 5 days sends me to the emergency room where it’s discovered that I’ve lost 3 pints of blood, have severe anemia and they think I have a condition called adenomyosis. Treatment options include – doing nothing and see what happens (uh, no thanks), a thermal endometrial ablation (where they literally burn the entire lining of your uterus away which will likely cause you to never have another period but also means that you should not ever  get pregnant), or a hysterectomy. They decide I’m too young and a hysterectomy may be too aggressive a treatment so I opt for the endometrial ablation. Oh, and to top it all off, I’ve lost so much blood that I pass out in the doctor’s office (which is why they sent me to the ER), I throw up in the office, I’m bleeding all over the place and they have to give me an IV in the FREAKIN’ NECK because now they can’t even get blood out of my hands, let alone my arms, and there’s no other places for them to stick a needle other than MY FREAKIN’ JUGULAR VEIN!!!!

August – I have the ablation and have NO complications what so ever. No pain or discomfort at all which means I’m very lucky.

September – Despite the 70% chance of never having another one, lucky me has another period

October – yep, another monthly visitor but it’s still pretty light.

November – another monthly visitor and this time it’s a little more heavy. They told me if the ablation didn’t work the only other option at that poiont is a hysterectomy. Great. We’re taking a “wait and see what happens” approach to see if it gets gradually havier each month but it wouldn’t surprise me if I have to have the “Big H” next year. Oh goodie!

November continued – I also have another CT scan. My lung nodule hasn’t grown so they decide that’s fine but this time they notice something on my thyroid. Recommend I have an untrasound to find out more. Last week the doctor gets those results and said they’ve actually found 3 nodules on my thyroid. Two are tiny but one is a little larger. My sister had thyroid cancer at age 11 (which was over 20 years ago and she’s fine) so given my family history, they want to do a biopsy. I’m waiting for that to be scheduled as we speak.

I’m only 35 years old and I’m so tired of all this bad health crap!!! I guess I just needed to vent, but 36 had better be a better year than this was!!!

On a better note, stations have begun playing Christmas music which I LOVE!!!  XM has a 24 hour channel until January 1 so I’ve been enjoying that as it always puts me in a good mood.  I’m listening to it now.  It is making me feel better 🙂

Jennifer (listening to Bing Crosby’s It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas)


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