Cool Idea!


Reader Erika turned me on to this website which has some unusual, funky, eclectic, interesting crafty projects.  It’s become one of my new favorite websites lately because you never know what you’re going to find on it.  One of the recent posts was for this chair cover:


At first, it looked really weird.  But, the more I looked at it and thought about it the cooler the idea became.  How cozy would it be to curl up in this chair, with a good book, a hot mug of coco and sit by a fire for a few hours in this chair?

I asked blogger Kelli how much she would charge to make one of these for me since she knits.  She quoted $4 million.  It may not be quite that great a chair.


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  1. Aww, come on…$4 million, that’s pocket change for you! ;0)

    BTW- I totally thought about your couch slipcover dilemna that you have been going through. We should just do a patchwork of all kinds of fun sweaters. It would be a riot!


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