No new posts lately because so much has been going on.  We’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World for our wedding anniversary all next week so I’ve been totally preoccupied with that.  However, I did want to share a little something with you today.

I  always check the NAtional Geographic photo website each day to see the featured photograph.  Today’s shot literally made me sigh. I can’t post the actual picture but here’s the link.  It’s worth clicking on it…

Also for those of you who used to visit the Jude Deveraux book discussion board (and you KNOW that’s my favorite author ever!) we’ve moved.  We used to chat at the publisher’s website on Simon and Schuster but they’ve completely revamped the boards and they’re terrible so we moved.  You can find us at  Come and chat!

I plan on posting the first week of February about out trip so be sure to stop by then.



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