Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


For one, I ADORE Valentine’s Day.  I don’t like when people say “it’s a greeting card holiday invented to make money” and such.  That’s garbage.  In this day and age when people are so busy with kids, jobs, household duties, etc. we need something to remind us to take a little time out and show that special someone how much we love them.  It’s not about how much money you spend either!  Two of my absolute favorite Valentine gifts ever actually cost very little or no money at all:

This year Hubby and I had a lot of stuff going on so time was scarce.  We’ve also buckled down on our budget so we didn’t need to spend a lot of money either.  So we decided we would make each other a “coupon book”.  The only rule was it had to be hand-made not store bought.  Being crafty and such I had purchased some funky paper with vintage valentines on it to use for my book.  I handwrote 10 “coupons”, punched holes in the sides and fastened it with brads.  I included coupons for such things like I’ll walk the dog, he gets to control the remote for one full evening, I’ll cook AND do the dishes, etc.  I also used some of the paper to make a coordinating card that matched and wrote a sentimental sappy message to him inside.  Hubby had given me a card and a box of my favorite chocolates that morning but I told him I wouldn’t open them until I finished and we could open them together.  Saturday we also needed to get all our busienss stuff together so we could get our taxes done this week.  We spent hours working on it and Hubby get wrapped up in getting all that together that he didn’t have time to make his coupon book until yesterday.  He came upstairs and proudly laid his hand-crafted coupon book on the table in front of me. He had printed them on colored paper using colored ink, cut them into strips and stapled the edges (he said he looked for my brads but couldn’t find them).  I ADORE my little coupon book. Hubby entitled it “Little Book of Love Coupons” and I wrote “Love Coupons” on the cover of my book as well.  I thought that was cute.  We also included coupons for some of the same things – he would cook and do the dishes, he would watch a “girly” movie with me, etc.  I love my coupon book so much that I may not even use any of them because I don’t want to ruin it. Perhaps that was his plan all along???   We were both so pleased with them that we agreed this should be our new Valentine’s tradition.  Each year, we make a new coupon book for each other. I think I’m really going to like this!

My other Valentines gift that I absolutely adore my daughter made for me last year.  Through the years we’d go through these little times where we would color.  We’ve also talked about how great a brand new box of Crayola 64 crayons is one of the best things on the planet.  Well, last year my Dear Daughter bought a brand new box of crayons and a sheet of poster board and proceeded to write 64 reasons why she loves me. 

I LOVEd this gift.  I had it framed and it is hanging on the wall above my desk.

So I ask you, how can you NOT adore Valentine’s Day???


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