Goodbye, Dear Friend


Some of you are like me.  I have a group of friends who are dear to me.  I don’t often say it and don’t always show it but I cherish my friends.  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my friends.  See, for me, it takes a long time to really make a friend.  I’m not sure why but it seems I have to know someone quite a long time before we really become friends. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a friendly person and I have a lot of acquaintances but before I really consider someone my friend I have to really get to know them.  All the friends I have I’ve known for years.  I’m not sure why I am this way.

One of my dearest friends is having a tough battle right now.  This has been a catalyst for me. Kathryn was diagnosed with breast cancer in December.  She’s been my friend since Junior High School.  She’s a fighter, is a faithful Christian woman, and is doing well, despite the treatment.  Actually, I told her last night that I thought her wig was cuter than her real hair.  Who knew she’d be such a doll with short hair?  I feel badly about the way I’ve taken our friendship for granted over the years. We go months without talking or writing via e-mail.  But whenever we get back together, we’re just like our old selves.  There’s nothing I couldn’t tell her or trust her with.  Kathryn, I love you sweetie and think you should know how very much you’ve enriched my life.  You’ve been there for me at my lowest lows (you KNOW the night my life turned upside down and you were [literally] there for me) and my highest highs and I thank God for your years of friendship thus far and many many more years to come.

I’ve found out recently that one of my dear friends will be moving away.  I won’t name her since some of her friends read this blog and I want her to tell people in her own time but I am very happyfor you.  You have so many exciting things coming up in your life and what a great adventure your’e about to begin! BIG things are coming your way (hehe) and you are going to handle it all without any problems.  Don’t worry.  You see, this friend and I spoke recently about how she too has a hard time making new friends.  She’s much like me in that we have to know someone a really long time before we really become friends.  Put yourself out there – invite people to lunch, or to the library or to just hang out at the park.  You will make friends in no time.  Surely, not as gorgeous, funny and entertaining as your friends here but, good friends nonetheless!

So, to all my friends – I don’t often say it but don’t ever doubt that you ALL mean so very much to me and enrich my life.  I am grateful to each of you!!



P.S. My mom is having surgery on her foot tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers for a safe surgery and fast, painless healing. I’ll be up there for a few days to help out.


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  1. Thank you Jennifer! Your friendship is everything to me. I truly have comfort when I speak to you. It’s a combination of you and who you are and the fact that you and I have known each other for so many years. I love you too and I am glad you are here with me through my journey! I also loved hanging out this past weekend! Kathryn

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