A Funny, Frugal?, & Am I a Weirdo?


A funny thing came across my deskthis week.  We received an address change for a client.  Irmgard McClammy (as if that wasn’t funny enough) has moved from Devil’s Tower Circle to Church Circle Highpoint Estate.  Just goes to show what being a Christian can do for you, huh?  She moved up from a tower to an estate 🙂  This made me laugh out loud.

I was wondering how the “recession” has affected our readers.  Have you or a family member lost your job?  Are you spending less and saving more? Are you going out to eat less? Watching your impulse purchases? Paying off credit cars? Buying a used car instead of a new car? Basically, have you changed the way you spend or save money at all? 

Am I a cheapskate weirdo? I read an article on the web last week that was talking about “new etiquette” things.  One of them was splitting the check down to the last penny when dining out with friends.  The article said you should just split the check evenly by the total number of dinners regardless of who ordered what.  They said to whip out your calculator and start figuring out who got what made you a cheapskate. Am I totally alone in thinking you should just ask the waiter to bring separate checks?  I don’t want to pay 1/4th of the bill if my husband and I got water and shared a meal and another couple got an appetizer, two steaks and a dessert.  On the same token, hubby and I will often order steaks and his sister will only eat an appetizer.  Why would it be right in either of these examples to just get 1 bill and divide it evenly? Thoughts?  Is it rude to ask for separate checks or is it just easier and fair?



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