Rude People & New Theme


Changed the lookof the blog again. You like?  I’m feeling springy and I think this reflects that nicely. We’ve been able to leave the door open at work a couple days this week and enjoy the fresh air outside. 

I wish the windows opened.  I don’t get windows that don’t open.  It sort of defeats the purpose, right?  We have 6 huge windows in the main rooms of our house and non of them open either. We did that because they looked good but I sure would like to be able to open them when it’s nice out like this. Oh well, guess I’ll add that to the list of things I want on the next house.

I’ve made a decision.  I will no longer allow people to be rude to me.  I’m going to start calling people on it.  That includes clients.  Just because I’m talking to you on the phone does not give you free license to curse, hang-up, and talk to me whatever way you feel like.  I am a nice person and it’s not too much to expect that people treat me courteously.  I understand people have bad times and they are sometimes in a hurry or dealing with a difficult situation.  But – they can still be courteous.

I’ve been thinking about this for the past couple of months and I had an opportunity to do it this morning.  This man has been calling my office a couple times over the last week.  His wife has a policy with an insurance company (which we are not) and he thinks it’s through my office – but it isn’t.  He left a message for us last week about his wife’s policy and my assistant left him a message that we have no record of that policy but he can call the insurance company directly and left the phone number. He called later that afternoon, after my assistant left. I answered and when I told him she’d gone home for the day, he was mad and said, “Why didn’t she call me back?” I told him I wasn’t sure but I would find out and have her call him the next day. When she came in the next morning I mentioned it to her and she said she HAD called him and left a message on his answering machine.  She called him again and left another message on his machine that she had called him back and repeated the information that we weren’t his agent and he needed to call the insurance company and left the phone number again.

This morning, he calls again and starts out by asking what company was I. I told him and he responded, “well what do you do?” I’m not going to give someone whom I don’t know, all kinds of information about me so I asked what company he was trying to reach. He said an insurance company and I said that’s not this office but perhaps I can help you with something (see how nice and polite I am?). He asked if someone was at this office and I said, yes that was my assistant. He said I need to tell her to stop making wrong phone calls because his wife DID have a policy. I stopped him and tried to tell him I remembered this situation.  He responded, “HEY HEY HEY” and I stopped him again and said, “You don’t have to be rude to me – I am trying to help you.”  Guess what?  Mr. Rude-Pants then hung up on me.  Know what I did?  I found the message from last week and called him back!  HAH!  He answered and I told him my name and he said he didn’t know who that was.  I said, “I’m the person you just hung up on” to which he responded, “Oh.” I once again told him his wife’s policy was not with this office and we were just trying to be nice and get him to the right place.  I also said to him, “I can tell you’re frustrated but your continuing to call the wrong office is just making that worse.  Although you’re not our client, we are trying to get you to the right place and your being rude and mean doesn’t help that.” He said he wasn’t being rude to my assistant and I said, “No – you were rude to me.”  He said his answering machine doesn’t work and he didn’t get any messages. I told him he needs to call the insurance company directly and I could give him that number. He said, “I already have the number” to which I responded, “If it’s the same number you called a few minutes ago you don’t have the right number because that’s to my office. I’ll be glad to give you the correct phone number if you’d like it.” Then, this MR RUDE MAN said to me, “Well give me that number right now!” So, once again I told him, “You do not have to be rude to me! The phone number is…”. I also said to him, “If you know that your answering machine doesn’t work properly you shouldn’t accuse people of not returning your calls because we had.” He hung up. 

My husband thinks I was being catty and immature.  My hope is that this man is nicer to the next person.  Your thoughts?  Would you have bothered to call him back? Do you think I was immature? 



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  1. I just now read this post and am going to comment, even though you posted it over a year ago. I think you’d bent over backwards for him, and he was understanding. Sometimes a person is in such a frenzy that it takes being really blunt and/or forceful to make them understand what you’re telling them…like snapping them out of it.

    I probably wouldn’t have called back because I’m sure I would’ve been upset by that point. But if you hadn’t, he surely would’ve called back again. Do you know if he ever got things straightened out?

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