Okay people!  How many lurkers are really out there?  Why does no one leave comments?  For those that don’t know, no less than 10 people a day read this blog but the only people who ever comment are Erika, occasionally Kelli and sometimes Kathryn,  What up wit dat???

So – what would you like me to talk about?  Any particular subject you would like me to jump on my soapbox and scream about? Anything of which you’d like to hear my opinion?  I don’t believe them but I’ve been told I can be slightly, perhaps occasionally opinionated. 

So – TALK PEOPLE! Tell me what’s on your mind!



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  1. I think you should discuss how that brat Perez Hilton asked the poor Ms. American candidates about gay marriage and because he didn’t like the comment by one of the contestants – that she thought marriage should only be between a man and a woman – he immediately wrote her off. To each his own on this (I agree with her by the way but am okay with civil unions), but what happened to acceptance of all people – oh I forgot – she was against his views! The other girl’s answer was just fine since the media has decided that’s the acceptable answer – THAT IS MY BIGGEST BUTTON these days! If you’re going to say we accept all people, then do it or don’t say that and admit you have the same tendancies as those who disagree with you! Whew I feel better!

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