Some People You Just Don’t Like


Are there people you just don’t like but have absolutely no reason for your feelings?  Come on, now, be honest.  It doesn’t have to be anyone you know personally.  What about celebrities?  Is there someone you just don’t like although you have no particular reason for your feelings? 

I was watching Dancing with the Stars the other night and I mentioned to my Hubby that I just didn’t like Karina Smirnoff:
















I don’t know why I don’t like her; I just don’t.  Actually, I don’t really like Cheryl Burke either



















It seems like Cheryl gets all the really good dancers and has more than her fair share of talented ones.  Why not let the other gals have a go at the title?  I know this probably isn’t her doing but it makes me annoyed by her.

So, I asked Hubby if he had someone who he really didn’t like for no reason.  You’ll never guess who he said:












Yep, Mike Ditka.  This made me laugh out loud.  What a random person.  My Hubby was emphatic in his dislike for this man though.  Bear in mind that Hubby doesn’t follow sports so it has nothing to do with an aversion for the Bears or anything like that.  And if you know my Hubby you know what a friendly and nice guy he is.  Hubby went on to say that if he was our neighbor he wouldn’t talk to him or even look at him.  He also went on to say that his big overgrown mustache annoyed him.  Too funny!

I asked my sister if she had an unreasonable aversion to someone and she said:














Shania Twain.  She actually has a rather lewd pet name for her that I won’t repeat here. Again – she has no reason for these feelings but they are real nonetheless.

So – who is your absolutely innocent hated person?  Come on people!  Share a little!



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  1. Oh LORD, where do I begin? Seriously, when it comes to actors/celebrities there are way to many to name. Although, I would say most of the dislike is due to some little reason and it usually comes down to just not connecting with the characters they try to portray.

    But, for simple dislike, completely innocent on their part, I would have to say Greta Van Susteren from the Fox News Channel. I will watch her once in a while, so it is not a truly passionate hatred, but something about her totally bugs me.

  2. It may not be for no reason but Sean Penn
    Brad Pitt just looks like he smells – I don’t know why but he rubs me the wrong way
    I’m right there with you re: Karina too – I think it’s her look she looks b_ _ chy, but I think she’s really nice – she’s letting Steve (this season’s parnter) walk her down the aisle – she’s got to have a heart. I know that she went home when she was assigned him and told Max – “well I won’t make it to the final this year” LOL

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