Why Are Non-Orphans in Orphanages?


I am befuddled.  People magazine had a snippet in their most recent issue that Madonna is heart-broken that a judge denied her request to adopt an “orphan” by the name of Mercy from Malawi. Here’s the part that confuses me – she ISN’T an orphan!  Her grandmother has publicly commented on the situation and the FATHER has also come forward and made public comments. 

My first issue is – WHY is this child in an orphanage when she has at least two biological relatives living in the same country?  Why didn’t they step up and care for the child?  I’ve read that the mother is deceased but that doesn’t excuse the other family members! 

My second issue is with Madonna.  She’s another of those celebrities that I just don’t like.  She’s all Earth-mother-uber-Jewish whatever now but does nobody remember her icky Sexbook?  She has done some seriously weird and creepy stuff in her time. But, all that aside, she has already adopted one non-orphan from Malawi.  Her son, David, whom she adopted a year or so ago, has a biological father who has repeatedly spoken to the press and met Madonna.  WHY is his son in an orphanage instead of with him???  And WHY can’t Madonna find actual orphans to adopt rather than these children who have family? AND WHY IS MALAWI CONTINUING TO PUT NON-ORPHANS IN ORPHANAGES???  What is wrong with all these people???


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