This morning my sister called at a few minutes before 7:00 to tell me she was taking her cat to the vet (the cat will be fine – don’t worry.) Surprisingly, I wasn’t annoyed.  Normally I would be but I wasn’t for some reason this morning.  Why would I normally be annoyed?  Well, because my alarm clock doesn’t go off until about 7:45 and I don’t like to get up any earlier than I have to, that’s why.  Apparently I got enough sleep that I  didn’t need anymore so when she called I stayed awake.  Guess what’s on the TV at 7:00 in the morning.  Golden Girls!   So, I layed there for an hour and watched that instead.  I know what you’re thinking, what a lovely way to start the day – you would be right! 🙂  Alas, it gets even better…

I start getting dressed as Hubby is getting out of the bed.  He turns and says to me, “I’d like some hotcakes this morning.”  I know – who really calls pancakes hotcakes?  Well, my Hubby does and I think it’s cute.  I say to him, “I’m supposed to be at work in 9 minutes”.  [Aside – You may be wondering why I was running late when I got up 45 minutes early. I was watching Golden Girls, remember!  Try to keep up. End aside.]  Hubby responds, “You never let that stop you before.”  Well, that would be mostly true and who can really resist hotcakes anyway?

So, I finish getting ready and I walk into the den and Hubby announces the hotcakes will be ready in about 1 minute.  Oh – did I mention that Hubby is the only hotcake maker in our house? Yep – I’ve never ever made a single solitary hotcake in my entire life. Hubby has probably made thousands.  He’s good at it too.  And he usually makes the dog one as well.  He calls that one a “Tater Cake”.  Actually, I may have done a blog post about Hubby making a hotcake for the dog one morning and none for me. I try to forget the bad stuff so now I can’t really remember.

Anyway, I sit down and prepare myself for the golden delisciousness that is my Hubby’s hotcakes when he gets bacon out of the microwave too!  Delightful!  Could this morning get  any better? I eat, kiss cute Hubby who is standing at the sink washing dishes (see why I ADORE this man?!?!?) goodbye and off I go to work.

Uh-Oh: Hubby just called and water is dripping out of the light fixtures and down the wall of the basement.  Gggrrrrr – it was going to be such a lovely day!


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