What the…???


This story was one of the headlines on Yahoo’s home page today:

The Supreme Court is weighing whether a Connecticut city’s decision to scrap a promotion exam for firefighters because too few minorities passed violates the civil rights of top-scoring white applicants.

So – the city has decided to stop using an EXAM to determine the best applicants for a promotion because too few minorities were passing it???  What morons are these? We can’t promote the most intelligent, most qualified people because they’re all white?  What is wrong with these people? If you’re using a FAIR AND UNBIASED tool to determine the best person for the job how is that unfair to anyone? 

Now, if the test was skewed or unfair in any way – I’m all for scrapping it. But if the others didn’t study properly or simply aren’t the most qualified?  Well, that’s life buddy and it’s tough. It’s like saying the physical ability test should be scrapped because too few women can pass it.  Well – if that’s the requirement to perform the job too bad.  I don’t want to have to depend on some 85lb chick to save me from a burning building just because they had to make the test “fair for women.”  I want the biggest muscly-est guy you can find to carry me out of a burning building!  It’s not like this is a test for a data entry person – this is a test for a fireman.  These people have to know what the heck they’re doing!  GEEZ ALREADY!!!



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