TV Hosts & Judges


I’m currently watching Dancing With the Stars and each week I wonder why they have Samantha Harris on this show. She isn’t a contestant but is the female co-host.  Not to be mean but she adds nothing at all to this show.  Her commentary isn’t witty and most often it isn’t even relevant.  Tonight she made a comment to a couple who danced to a song from the Disney movie Aladdin that you can’t go wrong with a song like that.  Well, DUH, you big dork- they don’t get to pick their song ding-a-ling!  Their song had nothing to do with their routine either.  It was a pointless comment that serves as just an example of the nothingness she brings to this show.  I think it would be better if it were just Tom. At least he’s a hoot!

That leads me to American Idol.  This is the first season I’ve ever watched this show.  I  know, I think I’m the only person on the planet who didn’t watch it before but it never appealed to me before.  Anyway, Hubby and I have been watching it this season and are LOVING it!!!  Well, most of it.  One thing about that show that I don’t love?  Paula!  ACK!  She adds nothing to the show and she might as well be saying, “blah blah blah” every week because nothing she says helps any of the contestants.  Hubby maintains that you can’t just hammer those people week after week and they need Paula to help the people have a little dignity but she’s so complimentary and so sugary sweet to everyone that it ends up being insincere.  She tells everyone every week that they look gorgeous and she loves them.  WHO CARES!?! This isn’t a beauty contest.  Perhaps she just annoys me but I wish she’d just leave.  I know Kara probably isn’t coming back next year but she contributes LOADS more to that show than Paula does.  Well, this season at least.

So – anyone that hosts or judges a show that you don’t love?

Jennifer 🙂


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  1. You know I agree with you and hubby. I think that Paula does make some good comments here and there, but they are far and few in between – her mumbling doesn’t help. I do think they need her because she is a balance for niceness over to bluntness. I don’t like Kara – she didn’t add anything to the show as she basically repeated Simon or Randy. At least Paula provides some entertainment.

  2. I don’t watch Idol, the first three years was enough for me. I can tell you that until you said her name I didn’t know who Samantha Harris was and I watch Dancing with the Stars religiously each year. I don’t care for her as well as the two dancers you referenced below. I am sure in person they are plenty nice but I still don’t like them they bring with them a very fake persona.

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