If you haven’t read my post about applying for Damehood – scroll down and read that one first or this one won’t make any sense.  Go ahead; I’ll wait. 

While we’re waiting, we should discuss the semi-colon.  I think it is the most underused and misused of all the punctuation marks. It was my understanding that it’s only to be used when the part of the sentence preceding the semi-colon was a complete sentence that could stand on it’s own and the part following the semi-colon was not. For those of you that are following along… yes, you are correct. I misused the semi-colon above to see if anyone was paying attention.  Pat yourself on the back if you caught it.  Shut your trap if the use of the semi-colon that I listed above is wrong.  What are you anyway?  The punctuation police?  JEEZ! Don’t you know that nobody likes a know-it-all?

Oh good, you’re back from reading the “Dame” post.  Now, I wanted to share with you all what my recently turned 20-year old, college student of a daughter said to me upon reading that post…

“Cool!  If you get it would that make me a princess?!?!  That would be awesome!”

Perhaps she may need to stay in college a while.

Toot-a-loo (which is henceforth how I will end my posts because it’s cute, is also underused and it makes me giggle)



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  1. Hey, can I be a princess with her…by proxy, I mean? ;o) I love using semi-colons, but as with most of my grammar and punctuation I am sure I am using them in the wrong way. Oh well, I am goin’ out on effort alone.


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