The Gloriousness that is Wipeout!


Hallelujah Wipeout is back! I discussed this wonderful new show when it premiered last summer.  If you didn’t catch it then, I forgive you but you better start watching now.  Why?  Let me explain…

People falling down is funny.  There. I’ve said it. I truly believe most people think it too but it is such a horrible truth that people don’t really want to admit it. I admit it. Seeing the looks on people’s faces knowing that they’re going down and still try to stop it is too funny!  The contortions a body can make when it’s flung against it’s will is funny! Seeing people do stupid things that they know will turn out badly is funny.  Combine all these things and what do you have? Wipeout.  It all it’s glorious-laugh-out-loud hilarity.  This true gem of summer has returned!

Even if you’re already a devoted fan, I have a suggestion which can make it even funnier.  After a particularly spectacular face-plant, play the scene again in slow-motion in reverse.  JOY of all joys!  Seeing someone hurl themselves out of the water on to to the big balls is so funny!  I was laying on the couch last night about 1:00 am doing this and was laughing out loud all by myself. 

If you’re in a bad mood, got stuck in traffic, forgot to wear underwear or in general have had a craptastic day, this is a guaranteed pick-me-up. Enjoy!


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  1. I love this show! Thanks for telling me about it. The boys and I just laugh and laugh! Just saw the couch potatos and cheerleaders one yesterday and we laughed soooo hard! I love when they get on the up and down trampoline thing.

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