Michael Jackson has died…


I was shocked when I read this last week on TMZ.com.  I really like that site because if they’re ever unsure of something they say they’re trying to confirm.  To my knowledge, they were the first to report Jackson had died well before 5:00 and a lot of others didn’t report it until almost 6:00 or later.

Anyway, he has died.  I am saddened for his children.  They were probably totally weird from being raised by him thus far but now what’s going to happen to them?  Every member of his family is a kook.  His mom is like 80 years old and she, apparently, didn’t stop her husband from abusing her first set of children so why would she be different now? What’s going to happen to them when she dies?

His wife, and the woman who bore them, Debbie Rowe has said she never intended to mother them, they were a “gift” to Michael and now there’s reports that she wasn’t the biological mother anyway.  There was a report this morning that the biological father was actually Michael’s dermatologist!  Everyone around the Jackson family is a total loon and those poor poor children.

Personally, with regard to the child molestation/endangerment charges, I don’t think he was completely innocent.  There’s no question in my mind that he acted inappropriately with children.  I don’t know how far things went but it’s not right to have children sleeping in your bed in any sort of undress – period. I hope it didn’t go farther than that but who knows. Everyone has their judgement day and Michael’s actions will have to be handled between him God and isn’t for me to judge. The sad part is I don’t think he would have been like this if he had lived a semi-normal life – if his father hadn’t abused him, if he had had a chance to be a kid instead of a star, if he had people around him who didn’t bend to his every whim and who would have stood up to him and said, “Hey – this isn’t right” – to the alleged drugs and his totally weird behaviour regarding LOADS of things.

As for his music, I adored his stuff from his “Off the Wall” album.  I love those feel-good disco type songs.  They’re just fun and I have several on my i-pod and they make me smile when I hear them.

So, farewell Michael Jackson. You will undoubtedly be missed but I can’t help but wonder if children aren’t better off without you.  Thoughts?


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